Scratch Tutorial: How to Make a Shooter Game (Part 1)

In this Scratch tutorial, I will be showing you how to make a zombie-survival shooter game. In this video I show you the basic player movement and bullets using clones, as well as zombies with health. If you want to check out my Scratch profile (all of my 8 games were front-paged), click this link here:
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Outro music (I only used part of it):


MeeoW says:

my bullet goes not from the mussel it goes from the back how can i fix it?

do-dragonking sutton says:

it does not fucking

Rk _1738 says:

where did you get your intro template

Nugget Boss says:

nice vid can u give me shout out I will do same

Bilva Vedamurthy says:

thank you very helpfull

Ted Hawkes says:

Man, this kid is something else…great detail, love the attention to gameplay mechanics.

MarioKirbyCat Gamer says:

9:00 bookmark

Robotician Hanna says:

make a pacman game please

GrumpyGamerONO says:


tech lens - hindi says:

Thank you very much ! You helped me , you are the best !

Try not to cringe Gaming says:

amazing work

LemonGuy 07 says:

Scratch is for retards

Typical Mitch says:

that is so cool

Tardle Sauce says:

All of the zombies spawn on top of the player

do-dragonking sutton says:


Project Gaming and Diy says:

My bullets won’t work!!!

Matthew EXALL says:



part 2


u da best around i made a series about this on scratch called “war mafia”

Billy Li says:

Make a minecraft bedwars video scratch and teach us making it!

Andrei Dinca says:

yeah part 2

dappy the dapper raptor says:

how do you make your guy so neat i cant get the line right!

The Only 1One Gamer says:

thank you so much warfame i had got first place in my project i liked subscribed and please continue your videos like this

#you are the best

do-dragonking sutton says:


Ricardo Craft says:

6:00 – 6:28
Making it Perfect

dappy the dapper raptor says:

it dose not work my guy just gose in a ring around the spot he was in

Ultrite SansTube says:

whoa you don’t know how to use center

J.D. Waterhouse says:

Fantastic way to learn this stuff, keep it up dude!

Gaming Happiness says:

I made the game in scratch and I love it!!!

xDrewDuelz_ says:

My bullets dont work


for some reason i have 7 zombies spawning at once

Nina Consolacion says:

If you guys would like to learn more about coding, check this website: 🙂

Naman Pushp says: Any ideas or suggestions for my project?

dz16 says:

Really nice tut mate! Keep up the great work 🙂 Gonna teach the kids this now! (And a hot tip to everyone that can’t make it work properly.. Calm down and pay attention to the details!)

Turtle Zebra says:

Tell me how it’s 2017 and he’s still using windows 7


part 2

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