Scratch Tutorial: How to Make a Shooter Game (Part 2)

This is Part 2 on How to Make a Shooter Game in Scratch. In this video, I make a machine gun, and make the player able to switch between the two guns. I also create a new type of zombie, as well as lives for the player.
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How to Make a Shooter Game Part 1:

My Scratch profile (it has some cool games):

Outro music (I only used part of it):


James Knight says:

Hi! At 13:59 I have done everything you have said to code and all my codes are the same as yours, but for some reason i can’t kill the zombies. Yes i did put in the set damage to 2 but it still doesn’t work. Here’s the link to my project and if you had time to check it out that would be awesome!! Thanks!

Marco says:

this guy ruin my i did extal as he said and ruin my scrath zombie cuase my gun shoots backwards >:C

Mateja Vasojevik says:

I Love These Videos! They help me begin the stage of programming in which i need. Ty you deserve many subs <3

ShortBred717 says:

my strong zombies and normal zombies wont go together instead i have to do something then the strong will come then i change it and only normal will come

Huiqing Li says:

my zombies couldn’t move any more help me!

Bobby_Post says:

I need help! When i change to pistol it only shoots from one direction, and when I switch weapons, my position moves! Also, when I shoot from my pistol, it doesn’t shoot from the actual gun. Heres the project and tell me in the comments

Shriyansh Tripathi says:


남허재윤 says:

I used this scriptes… is it ok???

Mykolas Mishkinis says:

For anyone that has the huge fire rate problem: Check if you did a typo on one of the operators, even a space or a capital letter is going to give you a problem, that helped me.

object fan says:

How do you change the damage

Rain Drop says:

I think you should’ve taught us how to make the game over screen. I tried to do it myself but it failed. :/

cambeys fishing and gaming says:

The gun didn’t change at all for me

Bryce Woodruff says:

To make the scripts quicker, you should use if_then_else_ blocks.

TheWitherBrotherS ROBLOX AND MORE says:

My Zombies:
Zombie NORMAL 3 lives
Zombie ARMORED 6 lives
Zombie LARGE 28 lives
Zombot 33 lives

Scott Connor says:

Great vid!

Lucas The Cactus says:

What if the zombies move akwardly when you move

Christopher Arnold says:

my “if pick random 1 to 4 = 1 then set zombie to strong else set zombie to normal” isn’t working

Warfame says:

I will be out of the country for the next three weeks, so I won’t be able to post any tutorial during that time. Sorry! I hope you enjoy this tutorial, though!

Slizard GD says:

Cool Video! You helped me a lot with my level! Also try not to smack when you talk 🙂

Bendy's Bros says:

Help the hit box on my character isn’t working properly the zombie comes close and doesn’t touch me but I loose a life please help as soon as you can my scratch name is GCA10Harry

Marcus King says:

This wastes so much of my time. When I do the damage part, the zombies can’t die. Before you say do what i did, It didn’t work.

AYO says:

Good tutorial

Angeloco028 says:

Thank you Warfame!!!!

Marco says:

this crack >:C my pistol shoots backwards and not where you want

Ignacy Kosowski says:

that guy say good tutorials

TheWitherBrotherS ROBLOX AND MORE says:

Also added a new one:
Zombaby 2 lives

DaniahGamingChannel says:

At 6:22 i did everything you sayed and it ended up like a laser rather than a pistol and a machine gun

AP STP says:

Can you share this game? I wanna play it

Leon Xia says:

can u help me? mine isn’t working…

TheWitherBrotherS ROBLOX AND MORE says:

Zomboss 90 lives
Zombie FLYING SPIDER 7 lives

Hampus Gunnarsson says:

warfame i love you!!!

Boyunicorn04 Faulkner says:

i made a you lose for mine i like it!!

survivor says:

u skipped a part for the zombies after the guns u said its acctually easy to do wot is??????????

Christian Bot says:

Epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 🙂

Rex RSL says:

Does anyone know how to fix the machine gun so it doesn’t shoot as a laser as well as the guns having recoil which when I try to do it they shoot in the other direction of the player. Please help me, it would be a big help.

Mejarito Steven says:

I have trouble having change image when touched by zombie, so can you help me?

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