Scratch Tutorial: Making SNAKE! (easy, fast, and fun)

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hey1tone says:


GametoDEATH/Salaar says:


Rudy Nugroho says:

720p HD Is Like 480p

Kritika Dudpuri says:

you should explain as well.

Kelk says:

Why would you make a speed variable when you can literally just put 3 in the block?

Anorexic Ogre says:

How come before the game is over i can see the game over message?

Savitar GodOfSpeed says:


fruit rollup says:

and could you make a cloud game that saves progress?

Sa'Rye Tries says:

Flip Flop

RedShadow says:

Flip Flops

Extro says:


Freddy pan Cakes says:

hello muc guy

Isaak Janssen says:

Thanks! Mine worked like a charm! 😀
also Flip flops

Rohit Ronaldo says:

Flip flops

Ninja Gamer 1220 says:

Its great but when its going the eyes appear in all of the clones and it looks wiered

Henk Jan says:

flip flops

Rhino Naive says:

Can you make an episode where you are able to die when you eat yourself?

SeedGaming says:


Luwen Van Zuijlen says:

You’re amazing

The M Boys Mcisaac says:

I did everything correctly and my sprite wouldn’t move I’ve watched it 7 times theres nothing I missed.


Mc Guy whenever I press the left key my character turns left but it apears from a different place

RedShadow says:

Make a Pac-man tutorial.

Janelle Lee says:

nice game! the game over is not appearing on the black screen….how to tackle this?

Trollsome says:

but you didn’t program where you die from eating yourself.

Bears Gaming 21 says:

Flip Flops

minited1 says:

Make it so it can’t touch its self

Jovanni Hernandez says:

i needed a game to make for my Pre – I.T. class and i found the video that showed me how to make this awesome game!! THX McGuy…

RavenPiggott says:

my snake wont get bigger

OreosLoveWaterbottles 3847 says:

5:08 Do you mean spreite

Exotic Elite Youtuber says:

Flip flops

TheBlueSeaHorse says:

Flip Flops!!!

E.J. Odom says:

dude my snake wont go up

Flipa con Kato272!!! says:

Hello. My score doesnt count. Thanks! XD

AmerK_YT says:

For some reason, everytime i move it teleports me like 50 steps away

Toxic Tangerine says:

flip flops

fruit rollup says:

talk slower please

Murad Jafarov says:

sen menden oyrenmisen

Mourya Tumu says:

saved my ass in the last moment, thank you!

Gerrit Harnischmacher says:

Cool video but why do you show a picture of an other snake game. That is clickbate

Adam Zahirrudin says:


Freddy pan Cakes says:

all people here check me out on me channel just click me profile picture then sub to me if u do u will also get a free sub and some likes if u videos

slither io says:

The alfabet in the vidow its not showed

Kresskin says:

Mmm… Flip flops are my favorite food group

ShopkinGirl80 says:

Too fast for me XD

Zjef de Cooman says:

Flip Flops

Broxken Hearts says:

thx bruh.

Rhino Naive says:

Instead of touching the edge I have it so it warps here is the code

When flag clicked
if x position < -235 set x to 235 if x position > 235
set x to -235
if y position < -175 set y to 175 if y position > 175
set y to -175

ThatWolfGuy says:

Flip flops

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