Scratch Tutorial | Mikeono Physics Tutorial | Part 1

Scratch Tutorial | Mikeono Physics Tutorial | Part 1

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2 Jyske Knejter says:

you are a lazy boy

Andrei Nicola says:

3 days?!

Alastair Charles says:


Sakamoto Neko says:

Why part 1?

Game-Play Gamer says:

what happened to the actual tutorials, can you continue the fortnite series?

Just a Guy says:

You’re getting haters, this just mean your a slightly popular youtuber. Good job wow.

#Tech. Info says:

8th comments

Dougie Brenizer says:

My physics test is done it has shortened code and side and top collision here is a link

Yazlo Design says:

In the next video, you should REALLY mention that mikeono102 is Alphabetica, as small details like those that you overlook in your videos irritate me, sorry to say. Other than that, good video.

Thomdion says:

So it was a video where you showcase a project…

Moti says:

Do boss fight tutorial

Hiddel says:

that background music makes me uncomfortable

-Roblox_&_That's it!- says:


Jayden Troy Stevens says:

Second :3

Sandip Kar says:


Banana Split says:

Finally anotha PEACE

cool scratcher says:

why are you getting haters??? Your my fav scratch youtuber! keep up that amazing funny work! 😀

*Neonpixel* says:

Nut chronicles part 12?

Dougie Brenizer says:

I checked out the code it’s an easy thing to fix I’ll streamline into and maybe fix side collision

100 monsters says:

can you make it you’re self?

Comedy and Tutorials with Vorrimade says:

*interaction, huh?*

Scratch Coding Tutor says:

Hi, I’m trying to start a scratch tutorial channel, any tips to how I can make them good?

firydragony dnak says:


Adrenalineal says:

oh no mike

Dindiex says:


Halil Kulak says:


TrenaTheFrog Special says:

Cool Physics!

Slayer Slayer says:


Daniel Yap says:

Mikeono is alphabetica now

Slayer Slayer says:


Max WhyTea says:


Chauncy Toots says:

U should change your name to Scratch Review because you review so many projects. Not saying it’s a bad thing though

Animation Gaming says:

Where is the fornite 2D episode ?

Priti Gupta says:

Can you make a physics tutorial in which the player can push a wheel and it rolls and moves in the direction of the player?

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