Scratch Tutorial: Paddle and Brick Game

In this tutorial, we learn how use variables to create momentum and how to make our sprites bounce off other sprites.
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xxspaceburritoxx says:

wtf i didnt understand the brick part

Harish Bala says:

Can anyone help me with this: The ball is just “going through” the paddle, not hitting it.

Alex Turner says:


Alex Turner says:


Alex Turner says:


daboss dud says:

do u know how to slow the paddle or speed

GamingDuo says:

what are blacks?

Unexpected Journeys says:

Thank you Kevin Briggs, you have been an honor for helping us! 😉

Unexpected Journeys says:

We tried out the game over script, and the game over sprite didn’t show when the ball touched the hazard, and it didn’t stop all the scripts. Is there a way to fix this?

Gaming Lord says:

Thanks for all the help

David Vujanic says:

I have a problem, when my ball goes to the padle it don’t bounce, it bugs in the paddle and I need to move paddle of the ball and then ball bounces please answer this if you didn’t know what I mean and answer if you know how to fix that problem. Thanks !

sumah123 the idiot says:

can u put the script in the desc. so we can easly see it

wolfspirit658 says:

Hey, everyone. For those who have the problem where the bricks are not disappearing sometimes, that’s because the ball is moving away from the brick so quickly that the game does not register that the ball touched the brick (I think, I’m not very experienced XD) What I did was when the ball touches the brick, I make it wait 0.001 seconds before I let it change direction. That way it touches the brick long enough for the game to register it and make the brick disappear. Tested this multiple times and I no longer have this problem 😀 Hope this helps <3 Let me know if I need to elaborate a bit more 🙂

EternalGaming says:

i did exactly what you said with the hide and show win but for some reason it wont hide the win when i click the flag

Christina Kalapnauth says:

My thing at the bottom isn’t moving

Luisobs says:

Y love brick game

DaveTheCaveMan says:

Plz help i Cant win

spiko404 says:

It’s called atari breakout Kevin.

Fabeha Javid says:

Thanks a lot!!!! really amazing video…worked for me 😀

wowmuchdog says:

Break “teh” Bricks

Unicorn Girls says:

You are awesome!!!!!!!!!

Ari D'Urso says:

There is a better way to do movement. You do not need to foil with velocity.

TheGamingPic says:

how do you make the sliding slower???

Sergis says:

please help me, for some reason the score just goes to 0 all the time.

victor baldwin says:

this is rllly gay m8

mr ez the poop says:

in the first part, the velocity, you could just do [set speed to (speed * 0.9) instead of [if 0

Programming Codes says:

all i did was if and then statements with the bricks

Gurvinder Singh says:

my bricks are not disappearing . i need help Kevin Briggs

Aditya Mendiratta says:

my ball spawns at the brick every time

Robbie Wright says:

16:32 be wrong son

Jack Roper says:


bowserkidgaming Amaya says:

You helped me make pong

CheeseFam_ says:

My ball when it hits the paddle it doesn’t move. Any advice?

Matīss Ābols says:

WTF I shot neatlets of lower brownie and I do not understand kāpēds. maybe someone knows kāpēds?

John Bilang says:

thx so much

Luisobs says:


Ojas Kalikar says:

II dont get why my ball is not bouncing off my brick

Aditya garg says:


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