Should I Learn Scratch Programming Before Python

Let’s talk about if you should learn and use scratch programming language from MIT before learning Python. Also we’ll go into what makes scratch a great tool to utilize.

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Yash Mathur says:

Hi qazi I wanted to ask where should I start my learning of programming I am in 11th standard and very interested in programming pls replay

A Z says:

Do you work for a company or self employed

Tashiro Sensei says:

What are the side lanuages I need for python?

Mohan Saravanan says:

Pls suggest me a laptop fa programming , in budget RS.60000

Swiffertank says:

Oh… I’m Jon

yash prajapati says:

You are right man….i think i’ll do what you suggested…

John Hill Escobar says:

Hey. Can you give us your opinion about

Jovid Nurov says:

Im waiting for you developer course Qazi

PandaBanana DK says:

I think python is 100 times better 🙂 i didnt learn ANYTHING from scratch

A Life's Journey says:

THANK YOU,QAZI!!! I had a feeling I was on the right track with my developing “total immersion” theory of learning programming by starting off with SCRATCH first,then another language.THANK YOU FOR THIS CONFIRMATION!!

Mauricio Pereyra says:

I love your videos! But it’s called Football, not Soccer 🙂

Abdul Ateeq says:

Hi can I become a part time earner after becoming a python programmer

sexysensation says:

Valuable advice…Thank you

Dr. Manhattan says:

what is scrath

Code Teacher says:

I have a Scratch Basics & Scratch Advanced serie ;D

Mr. Abgezockt says:

I started with Scratch, than Python now C xD but i would never use Scratch anymore 😀 But good Vid quazi! 🙂

Crypto Ventures says:

Is that a bluetooth mic? Can u post the amzaon link?

Crypto Ventures says:

Also I did finish the video very informative thanks

FreeGames says:

You know what you’re are really good guy you’re helping people with learning Programming Languages and you help me with a lot of stuff about programming
But its an sad thing that you have just over an 1 thousand views
I will just wish you millions views and million subscribers
(Sorry about my English i am not good at it)

Kwame Montu-Ab-Ra says:

there are some issues with your websites… people are complaining about not seeing the assignment… can you please take a look at it and then get back to us? Thanks

Briana Baldwin says:

I’m currently in a coding bootcamp in San Jose and your videos have made this experience so much better. I’m a huge fan of yours. Thanks Qazi!

amrita joshi says:

hi, I am 13 yers old and I want to learn programming

mnm naveed1 says:

Pleas mention my name in one video pleas Mohamed Naveed

Tech Boilers says:

Enjoyed it! I am gonna learn scaratch and then python but only from your amazing videos!

b0y3 b0y3 says:

over clever programmer

Sandeep Adode says:

good work.god bless

ajax 711 says:

Scratch is the best place to start computer programming. I learned about scratch from CS50. It is one of the best things ever. Then I did an Internship in teaching Scratch to kids. I just got the money and internship certificate. Love it. Scratch is not just for kids, you can literally create ANYTHING in scratch.

زانیاری says:

hi man
can i use python to create App or Game for Android or Ios or Whatever mobile os ?
please write back . Thanks for your videos ,

beshoy farag says:

17 comment

Jadude 37 says:


HeyAbyss says:

Is your audience primarily 12 year olds? Why the fuck would anyone who even knows what Python is, learn Scratch?

Tashiro Sensei says:


Saurabh says:

can anyone explain me what is meaning of learning python from scratch plz plz plz????

Hc vlogs says:

Helpful qazi

PandaBanana DK says:

Is python ok to make websites?

aditya kaundilya says:

why everyone say ,”you should learn python from scratch”! what does this mean???

mnm naveed1 says:

Love you love you always brow…..

Zero Programmer { بالعربي } says:

Yes you right you have to start with basics first
i didn’t know there is a scratch for programing maybe is fun

Jeremy Oh says:

Do you need to learn html css before python?

yash prajapati says:

Who is jon?

Abhi Animations says:

Dude Can You Check out my Scratch, Its Abhi2006 😀

beshoy farag says:

What is scratch

Nate Osterfeld says:


Max Hart says:

python site plz =

John Hill Escobar says:

Why are you insulting me? Lol. Just teasing you

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