TUTORIAL: Creating a Quality Platformer in Scratch (Revisited)

The final code is available here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/141385128/
Feel free to use this for any projects you might want to create! 🙂

End song: “Stargaze” by Makeacid
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcpVI6g0zdY
Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/makeacid/stargaze

Scratch on. 🙂


WeenieLamborghini says:

can you make a tut with adding obstacles and lvl`s to the game? This tutorial is very helpful!

herohamp says:

Awesome video! Do you know how I could add slope physics?

TheGamingMuffin s says:

Dude thank you so much!

Dustin Peng says:

OMG ur the best with math equations in scratch

truthism says:

A small problem. I can hold up and the I can go upupup until I let go.

UltraJordanGaming says:

Good videos.

Dreampunk says:

Great job ! 🙂 It works like a charm + explanations are crystal clear. Thanks !

Mugunth Subramanian says:

how did you make the slope bumpy? please reply!

AT0M1iK says:

Having a problem here, when I use the right and left arrow keys, they only move diagonally up and down.
And instead of my player staying through walls it goes through them? wtf
🙁 pls fix joshie

Andrew Yung says:

plz visit me studio @Platformer_NXS

Elias Laurell says:

Simple the best solution iv seen.

Simon Gaudin says:

Nice tutorial, thanks !

Vector X says:

mine wont stop going left!!!!!!!!!!1

__init__ says:

14:00 you could also do 0 minus y vel 😛

Rope Of Tech Angry Reformer says:

you dont need to solve the problem of climbing the ceiling and not getting down becouse it can be used as a gameplay mechanics so player can stick to the ceiling

Plasmatic Turtle says:

Because when we click the flag he just kind of floats in space.

*A N D T H A T ‘ S N O G O O D*

BmGaming says:

my Player slides

GratedPants123 says:

After I added (-1*abs of yvel/yvel) to the top I just fell through the ground and i couldn’t move

Marcos Moutta says:


UltraJordanGaming says:

Great videos, man. Nice to see videos on more advanced projects that teach real coding techniques, rather than just videos for kids.

Sukaichae says:

this is so interesting.

Jean-Marie LALY says:

Awesome tutorial, tricks and complex mechanisms of the platformer are explained very clearly, thanks

OBG Playz says:

hey pulljosh! thanks for this tutorial! it really helped me out on my stickman fighting game! you know super smash bros? im making my fighting game in that style. thanks a million!

Kevin Lee says:

This is a great video! I’ve been using a similar platforming code, but this has really helped me refine the code!

Potato says:

ive looked over my code, and every time i hit the ground it puts me back up in the air, am i missing something? please help, thanks

DominoDude555 says:

Thank you soo much for revisiting this tutorial and for showing us how to fix those bugs!!

ScorpioLegend says:

How to chaange levels?

Dengi says:

It doesn’t work…

Mini-anthrax says:

Thank a lot PullJosh!

ThatGuyFrank says:

PullJosh, I’m hoping (you don’t have to) for a tutorial for multiple levels please?

Adrian Animates says:

man pls come back to youtube you have the best scratch tutorials ive seen yet complete your advanced tutorial series

Christoph neutraloma says:

Thank you dude!
Helped a lot!

Ethan Parker says:

Bruh! This is super helpful. Thank you so much for making this vid.

Michael Mike says:

please help its the wall part i did exactly what you did but when i hit the right wall it stops me but not the left one please help!!

Elliott 7008 says:

10:18 mine goes up forever (i’m not touching any button) i am 100% sure i have the script the same and now it wont come back down when i press the jump button and it just goes up faster!

robo_boi says:

your guide in this video didnt work 🙁 and it took me forever to to get the scripts done. but the good thing is your old video worked and im working on a game where the only why to move is by jumping and holdin the left/right key

gumball watterson says:

lol i dont watch tutorials i just copy and paste there codes off of scratch

Dominik Seifert says:

Hi Josh!
This video is really really well done! Rarely see educational videos on complicated topics that well thought through and executed by amateurs (I assume you are not a professional teacher?).

I myself am a software engineer (with experience in computational physics) and I’m currently trying to find more and better ways to help kids (and adults) understand important/interesting engineering/computing concepts, such as platformer physics.

I’d love to talk to you about some possible collaboration, if you are interested? Feel free to contact me via Google+ 🙂

E.g.: For now, maybe I can help you with your coding (if you think you need it), and you can produce some more videos of this style?

Liam Melkersson 8 Gul - Tranängskolan 7-9 says:

very good video and helpful Thank You 🙂

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