Whack a Cat – Invent with Scratch 2.0 Screencast

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Run this game program in your browser at http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/11629018/

With MIT’s Scratch 2.0 programming environment, Al demonstrates a “whack a mole” style game.

More Scratch screencast tutorials can be found at http://inventwithscratch.com


Rovenz says:

7654th sub

Panos Panos says:


ScaredCreeper says:

4:33 dude you could just do turn right 90 degrees or use point in direction -30

Rovenz says:

When I hit it, it doesn’t say “Ouch!” and it doesn’t go down! Also, it doesn’t gain a score, how can I fix this?

Space pancake tv says:

Maybey if I use the cusstom blocks in scratch it might work because it makes everything nice and organised, how does that sound?

Daniel Playz says:

Thanks so much! 😀

TheGamer223 GAMEZ says:


S CS says:

Thanks for sharing! I followed all the steps, but I don’t know why the score increases by 3-4 each time. Plz help!

Lps Feelings says:

You should change the back round to grass

Mindblitz64 says:

This is kinda stupid…

# yesgames says:

don’t hit cats with hammers in real life

GDE Gaming channel says:

Thanks for the info I’ll try to do it at school

The Awesome Channel says:


iLuvCatS says:

My score does not plus 1! why?

TSwany / ACD says:

poor cats

Daniel Playz says:

Wierd the direction of hammer block is false but is true when in the if block

ScaredCreeper says:

3:40 he said the control section is orange. It is YELLOW!!!!!! ARE YOU DUMB? THE DATA SECTION IS ORANGE!!!!!!!

Tamaraa ツ says:

Nice , thanks !

NiamhIsNotFamous says:

“Please note this is just a game, don’t go and actually go and hit cats with hammers” – Blank Editor 2013

Loco4472 says:

*cough cough* clones *cough cough*

Space pancake tv says:

I never knew you have a cat.

IvarGlenna says:

i switched the cat with donald trump, and trump doesnt say anything when he gets hit

M K says:

this gives me a good idea

劉祐齊 says:

I Make A Whack A Ghost Game That From Jeainyi

Top 5 videos says:

It is great

ikesch says:

“reminding you to be kind to animals”, he sais after hitting virtual cats with a hammer

T0XiC232 says:

Could you make a top down shooter? Sort of like Hotline Miami or something?

Shamla's World says:

i dont know how to duplicate!!!! PLZ REPLY!

Space pancake tv says:

Cool game!

Mia Adlina says:

I can’t hit the cat D: (TT)

Konrad Fletcher says:

100th liker

Sonic The hedgehog says:

Animal abuse.

Space pancake tv says:

I did everything you said and it doesnt work. Should I use define blocks?

TheEmrald Wolf says:

That is such an awesome game! I really loved it!

FireGames101 says:

This is amazing and that was very helpful!!

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