Advanced Swift – Chapter 1 – Introduction

**Apologies for the Auto-Focus. My camera was acting up this day**

Ready to take your Swift game to the next level? I’m kicking off a brand new series where I review the book Advanced Swift by Chris Eidhof, Ole Begemann, and Airspeed Velocity. I highly recommend picking up this book.

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Mujeeb Rahman O says:

Waiting for more videos.
Please include best practice for grouping Classes and Storyboards.
I used to create a lot of folders based on the project module. don’t know is it a good practice. Expecting your comment on this.

Nikesh Hyanju says:

you equal  santa for me this Christmas !!! Finding your channel was best thing this year !

Artem Zinkov says:

Didn’t get about “Leave of self”…

Vandan Patel says:

Thanks a lot, Sean! I have been waiting for this for a while. This is exactly what I need & I am getting this book for sure.

Vasil Nunev says:

Fun fact: you get the next book updated for the newer Swift version for free if you’ve bought an older one.

jhafdell says:

Rip camera focus

Naren krishnaa says:

Is this book worth for beginners? if it is not then suggest some beginner level book

Mark Moeykens says:

I like that part about brevity and clarity. About 20 years ago I worked with this fellow and we would have these little competitions on how brief we write a function. It was fun, we would try all kinds of tricks just to make it shorter. But then months later we would come back to the code and ask, “What is this supposed to be doing again?” Ha ha ha, it certainly was not clear. So we had to find that right balance so not only us but new hires could readily understand the code. Nowadays I tend to go for clarity for the sake of everyone involved.

MrJoeYellow says:

Great Sean! I can’t wait for this series

Andrius Shiaulis says:

Can you next time turn off autofocus?)

Michael Mellinger says:

I wrote some filter and forEach examples on my blog:

carlos fernandez says:

Sean you re the best

Taylor Petersen says:

Thanks Sean! I look forward to this series!

Leonardo Modro says:

Hey Sean, love your videos. Can you make a video about architecture in swift development? Which one is the best (VIPER, MVVM, MVP, etc), what do you recommend, and please do some tutorials!! Thanks, keep the good work!!

Stig A says:

Hello Sean, i actually read a post which claims that swift takes a LONG time to actually use the type inference feature they have if the type is not explicitly inferred. Which results in long compile times.. ^^

i Doc says:

cool –  more  code sessions

Artem Zinkov says:

Didn’t watched.
Already liked.

Was waiting this for so long, and here you go 🙂

Thank you, Sean!!

Mayur Tolani says:

There is this package “swiftLint” that my company uses. It forces me follow the best practises like avoiding force unwrapping. I would really recommend that if you want to force yourself into best practices.

thomasswatland says:

Great! Looking forward to following this – although, the name “Advanced Swift” sounds a little scary to me. This may be a silly question, but at what level would you rank these topics? Mid-level, senior … ?

SenorQuichotte says:

I always declare variables, inferences leads to lots of problems, I want to know why type I’m dealing with. If I’m dealing with a 64-bit, 80-bit, 128-bit

TheMK says:

What! What! That!

kevin flores says:

This is what ive been waiting for. YESSSS

Ion Mardari says:

Thanks Sean for your time! You’re awesome! Look forward to go through the entire book along with you!

zz12345aaa12345zz says:

respect sean we really appreciates it

Rebeloper - Rebel Developer says:

Just purchased’s Everything Swift Bundle as my Christmas Gift. Will be following along with your series as I up my Swift knowledge myself from the books. Thank you for letting me know about this book.

Muhammad Ali says:

Where you buy this book ?i am live in pakistan i want to learn this book

Bike Vids says:

You will never get hired if you are not Indian. The Indian Mafia now controls the US job market.

Patrick Sam says:

Beautiful., I am learning advance swift as well. I did think that === was a JavaScript thing but I see is on swift, welcome to that. I use class when I usually use network or url calls and struct when is local but I got the get that book to get a clear idea. The think that is funny that map, filter, foreach.., etc, you can’t use in interviews. Maybe because they want old school or just unknown swift stuff.
By the way thanks Sean! Great series coming from you, I can’t wait!

Emmanuel Ogbewe says:

Awesome vid!

BChriss says:

I rly love your beard man 😀

Web D says:

Nice !

Ricky Villareal says:

Do you have any book recommendations for people who are looking to learn swift?

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