Beginner Xcode and Swift – Learn to make simple game

My name is Yuma, I ‘m a 9 year old app developer. I started coding when I was 6, and began making Javascript games when I turned 7.

I will show you how to make a dice rolling app using XCode and Swift. This tutorial is made for everyone!

In this video, we will cover:
• The basics of XCode
• The basics of Swift 2 programming language
• How to set up storyboard and auto layout
• How to have fun making an app!

Here is the link to my website where you will find the apps I have done.


Iuri Pires says:

I luve ur videos 🙂 <3

Professor David says:

When I tried to use the simulator an error message showed on the line that said @testable import Dice_ _ and the error said No such module ‘Dice_ _’. Can you please help?

Sara C says:

nice video

MahOAgA says:

i think this things works only on apple or a computer with ios software right

lai kevin says:

Awesome!!you r my good teacher

Kristian Bangsø says:

You are so awesome young boy! Kepp it going and you gonna be something great 😮

Lime In a Jacket says:

The button just appears at the top…

ANTMAN L. says:


RacistPandaLOL says:

your smarter than me
love the vid please like if you think this kid is awsome

Tockep says:

wow nice video

Hey Aix says:

Great young man…awesome

Medicreaper says:

holy moly polony sandwich

JERRYY says:

apa cuman gw yang kesini karena postingan indozone di instagram???

hi says:

I subbed cuz  I like computers

Abdulkadir Yıldırım says:

Should we connect the phone before we code them

cxxocm says:

That’s awesome. I like your video.

Stt_ix Gaming says:

Will you sub to me I subbed to you because it really helped me but I just need subs to

Dragonfire521 says:

I subbed and your awesome

Georgia Huang says:

Hey How do u learn from yourself where did you start to learn You are incredible Nice job u ARE THE app TALENT ..

Declan Rees says:

man you you’re so inspiring it would be a dream come true to meet someone like you

Julianne Zhu says:

Good job!

Kimberly Norton says:

A 12 year old teaching me? I feel like a retard.

SGM6 says:

Good job man ! Today you are on the Top of the AppStore !

Sulastri Gemes says:

i followed your step by step, but why the image cannot change? what wrong? 🙁

Lime In a Jacket says:

This is *very good* !
Also,fix the stuttering if you can.

alma hernadez says:

kid (why am I saying kid I am a kid too lol) Fantastic no more than fantastic person,
you my um… bud are an inseration

KawaiiMaster26 says:


LittleHaha Me says:

I love your videos Yuma,
Your friend MA

Jayyessboii says:

Good work!!! 🙂

Roman Knight says:

io, anyone?

Han Ben says:

wow a 10yr old kid do CODING he deserved a sub

Right Wing Eagle says:

Yo i need a mac

GamingWithHJ says:

Nice video!!!

あいうえお says:


CloakedDarkness says:

Impressive a 9 yr old knows so much. Keep up the great work!

Chafor Tanjung says:

gua kesini karena line today

Jhordan Carrillo says:

You are very smart! Congrats, keep it up!

Lolo Lalalal says:

Hello, I am your fan from China, I just started learning programming, can not first out of a video teach us how to do a simple calculator program? After the program must be published to the app store above to be used on the phone? Or can you import your own developer version of the program? I hope you reply to me, thank you …

The Noob Gaming says:

At 25:25 does his build fail?

Fire Sky Cam says:

Great work Yuma. I’m 50yo and just learning about coding. I’m not too proud to say I’m happy to have someone who is younger teach me something. Keep it up and you have a bright future.

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