First Steps with Apple Swift Tutorial

In this tutorial you are going to learn the basics for programming with the new language Swift presented by Apple at WWDC14.

Simple Swift iOS GUI Application:

If you have questions about the video or Cocoae programming. Please comment below.



Phuong Nguyen the says:

thanks for making this video…it’s very useful. I hope you will make more instructional videos about swift like this one. 🙂

BreadedTurtle says:

Great tutorial! One question: I have not worked with UIKit, but am interested now since Swift has released. Where would a good starting place be to learn UIKit? Thanks

hqvx says:

Very good! (subscribed)
But can you make the text little bit bigger, please!

omar medzhidov says:


꿈열정순수 says:

Wow, your teaching is very good!!!
Thank you, Thank you.

M D says:

What platform was chosen: ios or osx?

Viktor Sebastian Petersen says:

Hey Brian

Cool videos!! Can You show How to make views wire pagecontrol om top and Rye tableviews under and How it Works? An example would be the Twitter profile view, the images in the pagecontol also gets bigger when You scoll Down and i Think it a cool feature 😀

Alexis San Javier says:

Great tutorial, you get straight to the point.

Drago579 says:

brian can you please put the my play ground thing in the description 

赵磊 says:

Nice video,thanks Brain. 

Wayne Knoesen says:

Thanks for the Vid Brian,
When I try and use the playground I have 

import Cocoa

I tried to replace it with the import statement that you had in your “playground” file

to import UIKit but it just comes up as an error “No such module ‘UIKit'”
Any ideas what im doing wring?

Mario Encina says:

Great tutorial! Well explained, thanks!

DGB says:

thanks Brian 

Samar Mathur says:

Hi, I’m trying to follow your tutorial (I have very little experience with Objective C) and when I type in “var myview:UIView = UIView()”

I get the error: Use of undeclared type ‘UIView’

What could be the problem here?

Brian Advent says:

If you get the error: Use of undeclared type ‘UIView’ make sure that you import UIKit at the top of your Playground. If that doesn’t help you get the UIKit import when you create a Playground using File->New instead of “Get started with a playground” in the welcome screen.

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