How To Make A Calculator App In Xcode 8 (Swift 3.0) – Part 1/2

In this video, I show you how to make a calculator app in Xcode 8, using Swift 3.0. This is Part 1/2.

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Freakonaleash92 says:

When I hit run, it shows up with a blank screen. Did I miss something?

XxTerraDudexX says:

how do u dup the 7 button

Tekno Vex says:

it is saying sender.tag is wrong and says (sender as anyobject).tag is right. Is it correct?

shane nelson says:

it doesn’t let me group the numbers into one functions i won’t allow me to control drag into the function other numbers

Mike Gecawicz says:

Wow whatever reason, every time I try to build the app and run it in the simulator, I am just met with a white screen. Any thoughts?

Sheikh Hamza says:

hi dear I have a problem occurred. I made it perfectly working calc app like you did but after few days I opened it and now its showing fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an optional value…. what should i do I did as your same as your code

Enno Schmidt says:

At 10:45 you open the simulator and type in some random numbers. When I do that the display stays black, it sends me back to the VierController.Swift and marks what I/we wrote before with a green label saying: “Threat1: breakpoint 1.1”. I have everything exactly like you and i really don’t understand whats wrong. Could you help me?

Spencer Kraisler says:

I tried adding the button (8:23) but it said “could not insert new action connection: could not find any information for the class named ViewController

Zeuz Music says:

10:28 nice

Zheng Jason says:

do anyone realize that if you double click any function buttons such as plus, minus, or C, then you got stuck and the system is down?

Airplaytv says:

i use VMware, after followed all processing, i try to run iPhone simulator but is white, and after like a crash. u have any idea? thanks mate

Thomas Alrek says:

@15:30 ugh, please use a switch case…

Jamie Zhao says:

Cannot assign value of type ‘Double’ to type ‘int’

Computer Secret says:

Sir please make android themes

Barnard Longbottom says:

Awesome video bro!

Shaik Baji says:

Hey ,Can u show me how to make a delete button i have gone through many websites and tutorials but they said only swipe gestures were there so can u show me the code how to delete the number here in this app Thanks in Advance

C says:

How did you adjust those buttons so quickly?

Megumi Kimura says:

Saved my life for a programming class. Thank you!!

Travis Patocka says:

Is there a way to create perfect spacing between the numbers other than dragging them which does not even them out? Also, how are you able to outline the numbers with black lines?

ennok fuentes says:

where are the buttons?

Tian Wang says:


BigFoot496 says:

lol in a few months over 8k subscribers!

Nuage Production says:

What is the symbol at 14:40 ?

GusInManhattan says:

Beautiful, thank you. As my first iphone app, I wrote an RPN (HP) calculator. Easy !

Hoàng Nguyễn Tấn says:

thank you very much ! i am vietnamese so your english not good . i want to know how to drag one button become a table 5*4 . Thanks

AnonymusPlayz - MInecraft says:

now he has 14k subs GG

Vlisto says:

How were you able to align the buttons so well?

Tarokh mohammadi says:

hello thanks for your vedio but i have break when breakpoint.1.1 when i run label1.text=label.text+String(sender.tag-1)!

Sai Krishna Seethala says:

What is the space in between

Luis Corvalan says:

Please show how to do the constraints in the calculator! It would be AWSOME! Thanks!

Prasun Saxena says:

I m using Xcode 9 and I am not able to drag the functionality for number that is blue line from mainboard to view controller class. How to add functionality?

Ashraf AbdelRaouf says:

The drag is not working with me, it tries to move the button to the code then it fail and the button return to its position. this in the time of 8:15

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