How to make an iPhone App ZigZag Beginners Guide | Swift and Xcode PART 1



This tutorial will teach you the basics of programming an iPhone app/game in the swift programming language as well as the basics of Xcode. I’ll be teaching you how to make the popular game ZigZag by Ketchapp. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments. Make sure you include the time in the video the question is referencing so that I can easily answer it.

Part 2:
Android Guide:



A. You have a breakpoint somewhere. Check the left side of your screen by the code line numbers for an arrow tag pointing in. Right click on this arrow and click “delete breakpoint”

Q. I can’t find the project files

A. The website has been reorganized. Visit to find the files

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jafs65 says:

Since swift doesn’t support CGPointMake anymore, you can write it this way for the pillars!! = CGPoint (x: 175.0, y: 436.0) = CGPoint (x: 214.0, y: 407.0)

Jared Cannon says:

CGPointMake doesn’t seem to be an available function on Xcode. Is there any reason why it would work on yours and not on mine?

Henry Le Berre says:

42:00 you could of done an inout func !

Bibhav Adhikari says:

no update vie button

Suchitra Chaudhary says:

I can’t understand on 1 57 on safari game development is not coming

Varun Mirani says:

Cranium code I can’t see all 10 pillars in random order I can only see 3 pillars I copied the code 10 times and changed the number but still can’t see all the pillars

Song Sơn Hà says:

how to make game like pls???

Tennis4ever News says:

Nice video! i had a quick question. How do you make the images for the app? like the ball, logo, etc.

Barnabas Boentoro says:

i cant download the images..

ItZGiovi says:

this is the first tutorial that actually shows me how its done without wasting much time on telling me about useless stuff that will just complicate matters

Soonhyun Kwon says:

on my xcode of version 8 when i try to hidden Gameover, it does not work. I put self.Gameover.isHidden = true. I put it isHidden instead of hidden since i do not get the option when i type hidden, it just showed up isHidden. Can you help me out?

OfficialSouthSoul says:

I want to make my first iOS app but I only have a iPad mini 2. Am I out of luck in getting these on my device? If so, are there alternatives?

Panda is live says:

At 26:59 the self.***.hidden wont work

TheLegend47 says:

Can u make games with like 8- bit graphics too

Andrei Eu says:

How did you calculated the CGpoints for the pillars ?

Yehya Cheikh El Ard says:

25:45 the rules to naming stuff :
When it’s a type, class, struct etc use upper camel case (CapitalFirstWord)
otherwise use lower camel case (smallFirstWord)

viral hub says:

can I make games for Apple Store in windows

SuperChuckles13 says:

Can anyone help, Im having a issue with the “click to play button” once in the sim and click on the button. the button is pressed and does nothing, and then takes me back to Xcode with the error “signal SIGABRT” at 29:50

JackRoehrig2016 says:

Where would you create the images for your own app?

X says:

What is the best way to design my own images for an app ill create?

Un Ragazzo Un Gioco says:

32:18 CGPointmake is unavailable in swift. what do i do?

Beezohh says:

Hello sir, at 43:39 it’s saying “Argument Labels ‘(_:,_:)’ do not match any available overloads” and i cant get around this… please help

Kristján Sölvi Örnólfsson says:

I can’t write CGPointMake what can I write instead of it 43:24

Brad says:

Sup Cranium, I have finished the code in this video, When its launched a play button pushed. The pillars are in somewhat of a line but is all jumbled together. Same every time its closed and opened. Assuming that is a major constraint issue?

Cartoons By Julia says:

Do you pay for something after you download it? And is it free for ever?



Kadeem Bobcombe says:

position is ambiguous!!

Griefer Hax says:

i will code a app for android all vidros say swift ist for ios is this rigt ?

Refik Can says:

I cant download the file man, can you help me

Thomas Ignarri says:

Thanks for the vid, What do I do about ambiguous view issues when setting constraints in the beginning?

Varun Mirani says:

Pls help

Nathan Smith says:

I am getting an error for ‘override’ can only be specified on class members

Suhaib Khan says:


طارق علي says:

thanks for tatuoral but i have an issue which is when i type CGpointMake i can not find it in Xcode 8.3.3

herresoldiers says:

he man i keep having a iphone 7 screen how do i fix that to any any screen

EpicHero9000 says:

Excuse me but when I try to find the image files on your site it is not the same that in your video and I cant find them. Help plz !!

Checker Bot says:

Can this work In windows using mingw?

Sarah Shbool says:

There’s some games without use apps to make an app in mac i love this step can some body give me a reply s link ?

SupaZyzz says:

How did you get the pictures of the ball, game over etc ….

Nicew says:

don’t we get copyright for publishing this tipe of games?

san9298 says:

Hey guys, having trouble on —–> var random: Int = Int(arc4random() % 2) @39.42

it mentions “variable ‘random’ was never mutated; consider changing to ‘let’ constant.”

I don’t know if this is from a swift update or an error in the code.

Any help is appreciated!



Kori Rogers says:

Thank you very very much for this video! Update frames doesnt seem to change the images at all (15:51 on the video). I think it has to do with the update to Xcode 8. Could you please help me with this? I think its a common problem here.

Tenzen says:

i cant find any zigzag related file/images on the website. then whole website looks different.. how do i find the zigzag files/images?

Grant Smith says:

Can you put these games in the App Store?

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