iOS 10 Speech Recognition Tutorial For Beginners In Swift 3

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Learn iOS 10 Speech Recognition in this free tutorial for beginners in Swift 3. Learn how to use the new iOS 10 Speech Recognition API for absolute beginners with Swift 3 to add Speech to Text functionality in your app.

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Neha Sheshadri says:

It was a nicely compiled video. Quite useful.! Thank you.. Does the Speech framework come with AEC(Acoustic Echo Cancellation) also? Wherein you can speak to the app whilst it’s playing an audio through the speakers.

Chamika Dharmasena says:

very cool 🙂 is this tutorial included in any of the iOS 10 courses by Devslopes?

Xuan Fan says:

why it is not working? I planted it in my game APP but it seems not taking any voices

Jiahe Wang says:

Great video! Are you still planning to make the video of analyzing live audio and referring to key words?

aun raza says:

hi nice helpfull video , kindly tell me can i do Spanish recognition (speech to text) or any other languages using this api ?


Hi guys I have just started a channel that focuses on designing and developing apps. I am currently working on a Pokedex series, where I teach how to build an app in iOS using Swift 3. Make sure to check it out. Thank you 🙂

Ravi Bedre says:

Nice tutorials

Hürol Inci says:

Great video. I hope you keep on doing more IOS videos.
Best wishes

Marcello Orru says:

I have os el captain and swift 8.1 ,but not found module Speech why?

Sigurd Broegaard says:

How did your view controller get that dark layout?

Jason Cris says:

Great work! when are you going to release the video in which you will do the same with live audio?? i cant wait for it!!

Francisco Mejia says:

Impressive work my friend. I am just now trying to learn Swift code and this is an area where I think apps are going to be heading. Thanks for the video.

Amani Soysa says:

Is there a way you can share the code for the controller? Also can we give the sound directly without giving a audio file if so how can we do it? Thanx again for da video!!!

Sabiq Shawqy says:

Say I wanted to create an app that already has pre-recorded audio files on it, and I wanted the user of the app to match what pre-recording audio says in term of sound and frequency. Is there a way to do this?

FruityLoops Gamer says:

Does that mean that scribe and iOS 10 together can help with song lyrics?

Mads Johansen says:

Hi, i have created the circleButton file, but when i try to put in the code i just get errors.

@IBInspectable var cornerRadius: CGFloat = 30.0 {

layer.cornerRadius = cornerRadius



Tahir Awan says:

Will it support Arabic language?

Sigurd Broegaard says:

Hi Caleb! When I did this, it wouldn’t play the audio, or analyze it. Please help!

Leo Luo says:

Hi Caleb, great tutorial, any plan to share the source code? 🙂

Per Brondum Jakobsen says:

Awesome topic. Any idea when you’ll post the live transcribe version?

Inder Deep Singh says:

I have used Speech Recognition in my latest app. It is a music player app which plays music through the earpiece of the iPhone and uses Voice to control the music. It is just amazing!
Check Out EarPlay – Play Music Through iPhone Earpiece by Inder Deep Singh

Dante Solorio says:

Hey, I have an voip app, I record some text using speech with AVAudioEngine, after recorded a text the mic and speakers blocks and I can’t do a second call.
What is the best way to dealloc AVAudioEngine or be sure that the mic and speakers work again?.

Brian Harper says:

Great video. Have you done one for live audio and functions yet?

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