iOS Swift 1: Creating a Hello World App
In this tutorial take a first look at Apple’s new iOS programming language, Swift, in developing a basic “Hello World” app for iOS 8 using Xcode 6.

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dbr says:

As someone who’s learning Android programming, Swift seems easier and the IDE more helpful.

fordfiveohh says:

very very good… makes sense to me coming from microsoft development..

Max Hoenicke says:

when i try it he say hi Optional(“max”)

Gürkan Çatak says:


cinilaknedalm says:

Dude, I’m sure you’re a wonderful human being, but please next time write a script and let someone with a softer voice do the talking. Thank you for all your hard work!

فاء بن ألف' says:

So I don’t have the bill thing I have UILabel! Instead of UILabel = nill

unlokia says:

_”Talking mark”_? You mean quotes. 😉

Will Hutson says:

Really nice video, I’ve just uploaded a game the App Store called Rebounder, it would be great if some of you guys could check it out!

Khoa Sdyn says:

Great vid, ty so much!

Agung Surya Bangsa says:

I’m using XCode 7.3 and it should be:

nameLabel.text = “Hi, (nameTextField.text!)”

instead of

nameLabel.text = “Hi, (nameTextField.text)”

Can anyone explain why? I’m new to Swift Programming Language.

Reed Gillette says:

Nice Job!!  This got me into the editor and familiar with the basics so I could get started.  I got started on May 7th 2016 and a few things changed with xCode and Swift which made me jump through a couple hoops..  Right now why my label says Hi Optional(“Fred”) hmmmm

Jack Tao says:

Omg My name is Jack O.O

Eduardo Oliveros says:

if you want to learn more for the basics in swift 3 suscribe to my channel! have a good day!

Khoa Sdyn says:

Why sometimes the Simulator does not show input keyboard on iPhone (of course u can still input by the keyboard on Macbook), but I got a question? Any helps?

Jaisingh Isaac says:

it says hi Optional(“jack”)

Christian Westermann says:

Hey, i need help.

I have the opportunity to enroll for a 4 week full time course on learning a new coding language. I want to build my own apps for Apple devices. Now i’m not sure to either take the objective-c course and learn swift by myself or go directly for the swift course and skip objC. !??!

Rusty Frank says:

This is a fantastic tutorial! Very well worded and for someone who is just beginning to learn swift, I appreciate how easy you make it to understand. Made a few concepts click 🙂 Cheers!

DuhAverageJoe says:

Didn’t work for me. I keep getting an “AppDelegate” error when I run it in the simulator.

Navaneeth Sajeev says:

Exactly 100% what I NEEDED:)Anyone know of a better way to connect the UI controls to the code other than that split screen and drag and drop for each control method? That seems so tedious as compared to Visual Studio.

rpnix55 says:

Well; It looks like this project died a swift and horrible death. On the web page, this tutorial is the most current entry, and it was created in 2014. It’s really too bad that the poster didn’t follow through on his commitment, even to the point of creating the second video. ADHD?

The iOS Developer says:


Gürkan Çatak says:


Red _ONE says:

when i run app and writing name in textfield i have SIGABRT error how to fix it?

Lyn Scott says:

Nice.. Thanks!

Carl says:

great tutorial! sry, but you have kinda annoying noise, like clogged nose-kinda, but great content 🙂

bballgod237 says:

Am I the only person that thought his voice is like the Harry Potter “Wingardian LevioSSSSAAAAAA” video? lol

SwiftDevDE says:

Do you wanna learn some Swift basics? Here is your chance! Get this course for a special price!

Solomon Regenstreif says:

Are you a hobbit?

Chris Vaccaro says:

OS X is pronounced “Oh Ess Ten,” not “Oh Ess Ecks.” That’s like a cardinal sin of Apple.

Sorry.. great vid.

Tristan Jay says:

ill try this today!! 😀 thank you

Lance says:


sgfreak96 says:

fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value

Muhammad Fuadit says:

Im sorry, not work.

PostDay LiveTime says:

Up Ricochet

AppleAx says:

где взять такие уроки на Русском языке?((((

Kellen S says:

exactly, everytime i hit return it just sends me to the appdelegate with
the “signal SIGABRT” Ive rewritten the application 4 times and still
the same issue

Febrian ian says:

Very simple, nice and great tutorials, hope you keep explore and share more tutorials updated. Thanks man

Alek Kelly says:

Great video, I do wish it didn’t zoom and follow your cursor around the screen. Maybe some after editing to draw a box around what you are talking about, but other than that, very helpful video!

Alpharobots says:

How do I make a voice filter app using swift?

Jokes aside, great tutorial!

Jo Z.E says:

first time to dislike a video. really hate the voice omg.

Gürkan Çatak says:

16 :00
Where is the Play Button !!!!!! ???????????????????

Booby Cola says:

When i press return, the app crashed and there is error on “class AppDelegate: UIResponder, UIApplicationDelegate {” line

Aliixar says:

awesome tutorial

NotoriousPIG says:

You’re the only person who actually explains swift in xcode, THANK YOU!

Jose Vera says:

what’s the name of that intro music lol I’m serious



MrTubahead4 says:

You sound like a 12 year old

Aldo Iljazi says:

The most annoying voice i’ve ever heard.

Rishav Bhowmik says:

so you used imovies .

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