iOS Swift Game Tutorial: Create a game like Mega Jump

Create a cool game like Mega Jump in under 2 hours using Sprite Kit.

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If you have questions about the video or Cocoa programming, please comment below.



Nick Jacob says:

Great Video! do you think you could come out with a tutorial on how to edit or create the plist file for us that want to make the game longer and make our own designs? Thank you!

Brian Arredondo says:

id like to see a rpg type of game or in depth tutorial of sprite kit

Shkumbin Avdimetaj says:

Brian, you have to show us how to make a game like Badland or Angry Birds, thanks!

parivesh sharma says:

I am very happy to see more sprite kit video tutorial. I was thinking about developing ‘spades’ card game. Help me on that.

Thedric Albie says:

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saharat hantrakanpong says:

I would love to see how to crate a video effect like SnapChat

Mark Collier says:

Can you make a video on how you actually designed and created the assets?

Christian Kento Rasmussen says:

Hey can i use this code in my own project.
I will modify it, with more levels and so on 🙂

ProgramThis! says:

Awesome tutorial thank you!

Dashiel Neimark says:

I’d love to see video this year that talk about monetizing apps. Hope I win! =)

Ralvarez says:

for the quotes app course i need sketch?

error 404 says:

good job!!!

Bruceyko says:

i want a free course

Ajay Shroff says:

Would love to see more tutorials for Sprite Kit!

DudiClips says:

i would like to have the course “a beautiful app from start to finish”

Mark Emerson says:

more TUTS like this please. bravo. very nice TUT and graphics work – but please remember the original author of this code and give some credit. – .

Jan Muller says:

Hi Brian,

I got stuck at the build on 52:28 with the following 2 errors:

File: GameScene.swift
Line: (otherNode as! GenericNode).collisionWithPlayer(player)
Error: Missing argument label ‘player:’ in call


File: PlatformNode.swift
Line: if player.physicsBody?.velocity.dy < 0 { Error: Binary operator '<' cannot be applied to operands of type 'CGFloat?' and 'Int' I've watched the last 10 minutes for 10 times and did exactly as you did, but cant fix it. Could you help me out here 🙂 Thank you for the good tutorial!

Part Time Gamer says:

I would like to see more App tutorials

Michael Southwell says:

I figured out what the issue was. After days of chasing the issue in the wrong direction. This is how to fix the code after having Xcode auto-upgrade the program to Swift 3.0

You will need to add “as! NSInteger” after the AnyObject statement otherwise you will get the “fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value” error. You will also need to do this for the flowerPosition for loop.

let platforms = levelData?[“Platforms”] as! NSDictionary
let platformPatterns = platforms[“Patterns”] as! NSDictionary
let platformPositions = platforms[“Positions”] as! [NSDictionary]

for platformPosition in platformPositions {

let x = ( (platformPosition[“x”] as AnyObject) as! NSInteger)
let y = ( (platformPosition[“y”] as AnyObject) as! NSInteger)

let pattern = platformPosition[“pattern”] as! NSString
let platformPattern = platformPatterns[pattern] as! [NSDictionary]

for platformPoint in platformPattern {

let xValue = ( (platformPoint[“x”] as AnyObject) as! NSInteger)
let yValue = ( (platformPoint[“y”] as AnyObject) as! NSInteger)
let type = PlatformType(rawValue: (platformPoint[“type”]! as AnyObject).intValue)
let xPosition = CGFloat(xValue + x)
let yPosition = CGFloat(yValue + y)

let platformNode = createPlatformAtPosition(CGPoint(x: xPosition, y: yPosition), ofType: type!)



Joel Schirmer says:

Could you create a series of videos on how you created the ui for “Create a beautiful iOS App from Start to Finish”?

Ralvarez says:

i would like to learn tricks to make nicer UIs for apps or games

paolo burcer says:

getting error in GameScende.swift

backgroundColor = SKColor.whiteColor()

error says “can not call value from -non function type ‘UI Color’

Samuel Folledo says:

after you ran in in the 20 minute mark i got errors saying in gamescene.swift in this following line

required init?(coder aDecoder: NSCoder){
super.init(coder: aDecoder)

override init(size:CGSize) {
super.init(size: size)

in super.init……. it says ‘self.flowerLabel’ not initialized at super.init call

please help!! thank you!

Greenstonemovies says:

hi, are the 10 courses already given away?

bunty kumar says:

Happy New Year Brian.
You make great tutorials, your speaking pace is excellent to digest all concepts.
I would like to see a e-commerce app with a vapor backend, which then can be used building the iOS app or the web app.

Claudio Mutter says:

Thanks for this awesome tutorials! It would be nice to have a tut about how to select between different Characters which can be buyed with the coins the Player earned.
Great Job and I`m looking forward for new tutorials! 🙂

TimeFluid Programming says:

I would really love to see you making an app like zombie trailer park.

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