iOS Swift Tutorial: Awesome Interactive Card View Animation with UIPropertyAnimator

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This tutorial is about creating an awesome Card View that animates even interactively. You are using UIPropertyAnimator for the animations. Based on WWDC Session 230:

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Go Fudge YourSelves says:

Please create an course for Lottie teaching how to implement various animations in adobe and then using it in our app

DPMO says:

how would you go about adding scrollable content inside of the “card view”. is it possible to move the y position of the card as the content scrolls?

hassansfilms says:

thanks a lot man! <3
I'd be grateful if you to make a tutorial about making the animated audio graph while recording audio like in VoiceMemos app

Ahmad Al-Baqawi says:

Killer effective tutorial thank you, in return I got it to support your work the 2D Games with SpriteKit! I think it is amazing

Marcin Frydrych says:

Are you sure the SpriteKit course on udemy is up to date?

Dmitry Katsubo says:

2 likes! but it impossible )

Michelle Dunbar says:

Hi Brian, I love your videos, thank you for your clarity. Just wondering if you could show some more features of the Charts framework?
Also, I’m not sure if you’ve done this already, but would you be able to explain how to take content from an image view (or Chart view) and export to pdf and/or attach to email? Thank you!

RAMSES says:

I thing that using fractionComplete is a pretty bad way to make card view. I have a better way, with pan gesture recognizer you can change y position of card view and depending on that position trigger animation when pan gesture ended. For example, when card view is expanded its y position is 100 and when it’s retracted it’s y position is 10 and depending on current y position trigger animation, is y pos is lower than 60 then the card view animate to retracted state and if it is greater than 60 it will animate to expanded state. Also pan recognizer have a velocity property so you can also change state depending on that.

muaz farooq says:

And kindly give me grocery store Making tutorial

Long Hoàng Giang says:

Thanks briant

muaz farooq says:

@brian Kindly let me know how sms verification use in Swift

News News says:

Hi Brian nice tutorial. Maybe is it better to make this animation etc. with LayoutConstraints and UIView.animate…..?

Alique Williams says:

Not at all an effective way of doing this. You shouldn’t couple the cardViewController to any other viewController.

Evgenii Turchaninov says:

Great tutorial! Thank you, just in time!
I bought all your courses in Udemy. Please, when you will update your CoreData course – add some instructions how to use iCloud container to sync data between devices or at list how to save it on iCloud Drive.

Mohammad Alhasson says:


steven Gao says:

thanks for this great tutorial, do you already have a course that is doing animation like App Store, tap an app image, the app go smoothly take up full screen with some sprint animation ? thanks

Jon says:


Ali Akkawi says:

This is Awesome, thanks

joliejuly says:

Brian, it is a really awesome tutorial, thank you so much! Please, do more about property animator!)

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