iOS Swift Tutorial: Create a simple 3D Game with Scene Kit

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In this tutorial you are going to create a very simple 3D Game and learn the basics of Scene Kit.

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Benjamin Pfammatter says:

Well I like UIKit and SceneKit Tutorials from you 🙂 but more of this would be nice!

vecter says:

Is there gravity? otherwise, how do those things fall?

InformaticLover says:

I’d like more SceneKit tutorials.

Zombie Dilip says:

Thanks for the tutorial!
I am using the sample code and I just added the SCNParticleSystem on touch of the node when we remove our node.
Bu app random crash in func cleanUp() on line “node.removeFromParentNode”

Dan Nguyen says:

very nice !

ging frix says:

thank you bro

KawaiiFX says:


Mr.Mirik says:

Hello, Brian!
Will be happy if you check out my new game “The Maze” for ( devices

Kristof Jakab says:

amazing! Please more SceneKit 🙂

Mark Moeykens says:

I’ve always wondered how SceneKit worked. Thanks for this!

Travis Millward says:

I’m sweating after flying through that but it was a great video! I learned a TON!

Empowering Pictures says:

Impressive work Brian! Really helpful! Thank you!

Song Sơn Hà says:

how to make game like pls?!!

Taha Muneeb says:

Love. We want for tutorials for both SceneKit and Arkit 🙂

Arkadiusz Flak says:

hi what 3d file formats does the Scene Kit support?

Reggy2000 says:

Well done sir!

hassan duhair says:

More scenekit tutorials please. 🙂

OfficialDavidx says:

What happens if you publish the game, will you get paid for it?

Chillzaboss says:

any way we can add highscores and lives great tutorial also

SevenDeMagnus says:

Hi. How do they make all those 3D levels and 3D like first person shooter to work using Swift and XCode? Also what’s should we import if we want to do 3D with Metal API? Thanks.

Michael Vo says:

Great intro video! I’m finishing up my first sprite kit game and looking into following that up with my second game which will be in 3D!

Kid Stagram says:

I really love your videos!!! Hope you can do this videos often!! I would love to see animations button and more! Thanks ! Full support here !!!

Shanyue HUANG says:

How to show the white touches points in app as your video?

John Laury says:

Excellent tutorial, thanks

mihir vaghela says:

More SceneKit Tutorials !!

The SpriteKit Guy says:

Plzzzzzz can u continue the tutorialssss

Brick Maier says:

This feels very similar to Fruit Ninja in the Chris Languages 3D Games by Tutorials book.

prerna wagle says:

Very well explained, Thanks

Jep Trio says:

More scenekit tutorials please. 🙂

Fut Only says:

Please more SceneKit!! Thanks so much. And any tips on a student scholarship app?

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