iOS Swift Tutorial: Create a Weather App from Scratch

Learn how to populate a user interface with data from the web. In that process we are creating a simple UI featuring a TableViewController and using JSON data we get from the darksky API.

➡️ Tutorial on how to download data from a web API and process JSON data:

➡️ Web:

➡️ Icons and Weather.swift File: Add your API Key in the Weather.swift file

➡️ Tutorial Files

If you have questions about the video or Cocoa programming, please comment below.


Samuel Eskenasy says:

Hi, very clear and understandable Q. How do I change from Fahrenheit to Celsius

taylor baek says:

i found out good tutorial for SWIFT 3.
thanks for your video.

Pinkal Patel says:

I get error at line 17. Saying “Use of undeclared type Error” and many more with Weather.swift file. I just downloaded file and drop it to Xcode as shown in video. Can someone help me ? Thank you in advance.

Bela Fekete says:

Hi Brian!
How can I set the region, the language and the °c?

Learn Swift says:

Very cool!

Angga Risky says:

Hi brian it’s a nice tutorial. Let’s make a video together like a collaboration? 😀 I am doing UI Designer on my youtube.

Junaid TT says:


SilverWave says:

Hi, can you please make a tutorial on how to create passes for wallet? 🙂

leon kok says:

Hi Brian, May I ask you a quick question? If you have an APP idea, is it OK to sketch it out on a piece of paper or just build it and figure it out along the way?

pulsarman325 says:

Great tutorial here, can anyone advise how to get the current weather as well as the daily forecast?

Junaid Khan says:

always waiting for your tutorial
its awesome , thank you so much

Dominik Bucher says:

Hello Brian. Do you think you could make some tutorials with reactive programming with rxSwift and rxCocoa? 🙂 Thanks in advance

Fabio Pohl says:

What do I have to do with: let weatherObject = forecastData[indexPath.section], when I want to create my own TableViewCell.

Mark Moeykens says:

Nice! I was creating a mockup the other day and wanted to put a pin on a map based on a city name but I didn’t know how to get the longitude and latitude. Thanks for showing me the CLGeocoder!

JSHOT says:

Hey Brian, I just found your channel and it’s awesome! I just wanted to ask you if you could make a tutorial in swift 3 on how to use CoreMotion from your IPhone and make a maze game!

Jason Monfared says:

Hello Brian, thank you so much for all of your great tutorials here which covers so many things, I just wanted to ask you a favour, if that possible could you please making a tutorial about how to build a Paper Scanner app for iPhones ( I mean sometimes like Scanner Pro by Readdle or Scanbot by doo GmbH ). thanks again.

Goblin says:

Would be nice if you apply some of modern architectural patterns and add some testing in next series. Great work

Li Lin says:

Sorry, dropbox link doesn’t work anymore

real life 1 says:

BRIAN can you please show us how to create animation of Shazam discover paging thanks

westfield90 says:

Thank you

Артём Гребиник says:

link to Icons and Weather.swift File: Add your API Key in the Weather.swift file NOT WORKING

Marnie Pembroke says:

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firas says:

شكرا جزيلا
thank you

Ege says:

Hi Brian, thank you for the tutorial. I do have a question though. Your custom cell consists of just a title and a subtitle. How did you implement an imageview on the left hand side without referencing to one? ( The imageview that has weather icons)

manh quang says:

i run and have a bug
WeatherNice[58080:3510047] [MC] Reading from private effective user settings.
The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format.
can you tell me about this error?
thank so much

venkat prabhu says:

Thank you for uploading, it helps me lot
could you make a video on “SQlite Database” using SWIFT ?

Reza Hadi says:

Hi Brian and thank you for all of you kind knowledge sharing.
Dear Brian, I had a question! How can I develop an IOS app to capture a user’s picture or video while playing a game? Do you have any suggestions for me on what to do? Thank you very very much

Dev Tech says:

Thnx dude! i was worried about UI

Li Lin says:

Hi, thank you for your tutorial. There is a issue. The example project doesn’t work now. It says `The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format`. Thank you.

Kamil Chlebuś says:

Hi Brian! Good tutorial, but I see one important performance issue. You create DateFormatter instance each time when a table is calling a titleForHeaderInSection function. It will affect memory usage and performance. It is better to create one formatter for entire ViewController.

SomrithChhean Studio says:

Good job bro.

Raval Chirag says:

Can u say me how to down load weather.swift file???

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