iOS Swift Tutorial: From Sketch Design to Real App

In this tutorial you are going to create a real App out of login screen design that you created in Ninas tutorial last week:

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Awesome Video.
Very helpful.

Noxchi Videos says:

Is there anything in the future you’ll do like backend?

Karan Thakkar says:

It would be great if you publish such a course where you teach how to design screens with sketch and then code for it. I always thought about this and never found great tutorials, I am really hoping to see this great course here.

Vinon Sendivel says:


Christophe Prat says:

You are awesome ! I didn’t understand everything because I’m french and I’m 11 and an half years old. Thank you.

Roy van oeteren says:

When I run the project, the textfield automatically clears it self when moving over to the next textfield.. I don’t think that’s normal is it?

Shilin Jiang says:

thank you so much

nithya srinivasan says:

very informative..esp for a newbie. When handing down designs, my developers ask for the typeface and distances for screens at 2x and 3x. But looks like they don’t actually need them. Fyi- I design my ios screens using artboard size of 375×667. For someone who is a novice at app development do the font size, button size and other sizable elements change vastly for different iphones? By setting bounds (as shown in your video) should solve this problem..correct?
I am not sure why my developers are asking for this info..scratching my head.

SalahDiary says:

I need a designer for my social media app i’ll give credits
reply this comment

cat vinchy says:

This video really helped me .But when i change the orientation of the device horizontally the design remains same as vertical. could you suggest something for this ?

Anil Pathuri says:

from where did you get those images

Andrey Shor says:

are we allowed to use any of the images from the tutorial? I am trying to make a social media app and I was wondering if that would be ok with you. Thank you :).

Edster gadget says:

also didnt show how to properly export,so i didnt find this helpful

Whydoyou Wanttoknow says:

Hi, thank you for the video! I’m having an issue where textField border isn’t changing despite identical coding. Designable says updating for eternity. Could anyone help me understand where I could’ve gone wrong? Thanks in advance.

Man Nag says:

Is creating the subclass necessary to add subtext in the textfield. It was not clear to me creating the subclass and its code. Can you explain?

westfield90 says:

So fascinating to watch a real pro in action

Shabb3r says:

5:40 Whenever I preview, the background image doesn’t resize itself to fit the screen properly… what’s wrong??

Abhishek Shukla says:

Hi, thanks for the video.

Dylan Stone says:

where did you design your app? because I am developing my app afterwards. what is the link? did you design it in sketch design?

FlightDev10RBLX says:

1:42 yeah and where did you format those from?

Tech Coolness says:

so amazing. thank you so much!

jetliFAN says:

We want to create an app for Android and iOS. My developer is more comfortable with starting with Android so can I use Sketch for Android design as well? Seems to me only iPhone screens are available?.

Saurav Aswal says:

Thanks for that always thinking what happens after designing the interfaces. I lost at the where the coding starts and that what scares me. Is there any way to develop an app without coding. Like you can make your prototypes in invision or XD but that coding things goes to another dimension in perspective of a designer.

Andres Castañaza says:

@Brian Advent thank you, this is more clear than any other video I have seen. Now I think is possible to make beautiful apps.

Tröpö says:

2:22 …increases your performance of your ass-

Eddy Ekofo says:

Love it, iOS development was difficult until I found this channel, all the constraints makes sense now.

Matthew Bell says:

Brian, how in the heck have you figured out all of these methods? You’re a whiz. I could spend years on stack overflow and never figure this out.

Edster gadget says:

how close are you to making the course?

Mark Fox says:

can you make me one plzzzzzz I will the app and work really really heard on it to be bigger than uber and lytf plzzzzzz make me one

Yogesh Jaiswal says:

1:12 What about this course

Dino Hasanovic says:

You are awesome!

Zhan Hui Hoe says:

Is the course ‘Designing for iOS developer’ released?

iselk8 says:

Hey Brian, great tutorial! I’m having an issue with the steps at around 19:00.

I apply the vertical spacing between the upper text field and the logo, and the trailing to the background card, fix the height. Then, I tell my constraint to update but the warning stays there. Do you know what I’m doing wrong?

The Filmmaker says:

I think know that voice, are you spanish? I saw Platzi live, the last week.

Jack Randall says:

Did you ever make that tutorial on the process of designing in sketch and developing the designs with code for a real app?

Mark says:

Wouldn’t it be easier to use StackViews so you would only have to define few constraints?

Lowell Stevens says:

When I add an image to my image view, it’s blurry and low quality. Do you know what might be happening?

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