iOS Swift Tutorial: iCloud Notebook App with CoreData

Create your own notebook App that syncs with iCloud.






If you have questions about the video or Cocoa programming, please comment below.




the Udemy Courts is not viable at now :/

Perjan Duro says:

Amazing tutorial. Thanks Brian!

Apoorv Mote says:

Can you make a tutorial to sync between two devices using cloud kit & core data?

waleed ware says:

Great tutorials and udemy courses.

I created an app to learn how to download PDF files using background session.

the project is on github:

The download process works fine.

I have still to find solution for the following problems:

1- Progress view in custom tableview cell is not updating.
2- When user start downloading files and during this download process he select other files to download the app crash with error “NSArray index beyond 0”.
3- When user quit the app or switch to another app, the download progress is not updating and the app crash.
4- The background download session is not invalidated when all downloads finish.

Any help is highly appreciated.

mattiemattification says:

The core data helper is giving me a ton of errors does this method still work?

Brian Advent says:

I have posted another 50 free Pormo Codes since the original ones were already gone 🙂

David Pedrosa Bataller says:

Amazing! Thanks!

Terrance Shaw says:

Not entirely sure if you’re aware, but this video was uploaded to an entirely different channel:

pawisoon says:

Great stuff!

Vladimir Pogrebnyak says:

Thank You for Your awesome tutorials! Could You make some videos about cocoa programming?

Swifter스위프터 says:

It’s really cool tutorial! Thank you

waleed ware says:


What if there is no connectivity at the time of creating the notebook or notes. I think it will be stuck at loop waiting for conectivity. how would you check if there is internet connection?

DeeKay says:

Hi Brian, i tested your project but it doesn´t work perfectly. sometimes it doesn´t sync.. “Waiting for icloud” change only when i close the app and start it again. can you provide some codes for Swift 2.0 with loadingscreens? let me know thanks Dom

Preston Ramirez says:

A tutorial using CloudKit would be awesome, such as uploading text files and images to CloudKit and then utilizing them in an app (for example, an app that uses many images and text files, it makes much more sense to host them using CloudKit versus holding them all in an Xcode project). There aren’t many tutorials out there utilizing CloudKit in such a fashion. 

shrikar84 says:

This is awesome!

Gurpalert Singh says:

can you put this on github

Manisha Parmar says:

Hi Could you please update the code for latest swift version? it doesn’t work.

imax21i says:

sorry but I really need help, I’ve got “-[PFUbiquitySetupAssistant finishSetupForStore:error:](1119): CoreData: Ubiquity:  CoreData: error: Caught Exception executeFetchRequest:error: A fetch request must have an entity. with userInfo (null) in -finishSetupForSet:error:” and I really don’t know who causes this :

Jaskooner Singh says:

thanks, brilliant stuff. Love the crashes!

Vince Zhang says:

New course. Great. I have finished all your courses in youtube and truly universal app in udemy. Thanks.

imax21i says:

thank you so much for this great tutorial!

Mustafa Ahmedani says:

Wow, Swift has only been out for a couple of months and you’re already a pro. Good job!

Xin Lok says:

Super man, great tutorials …

Mitch Downey says:

Awesome tutorial! Cleared up some issues I was stuck on with CoreData.

sminkly says:

Brian, thank you for all your videos on youtube and the course. Keep up the good work.

Maryam Kayed says:

really great tutorial, the best one for iCloud 
but i have one problem
it is really slow in searching for iCloud 
the status does not change, it stuck to “Waiting for iCloud” 
anyone knows the solution for that ?

Apple Watch Swift course says:

Hey Brian, I love your tutorial, and I want to learn a chat app course from you. Could you please give me a promotion Code? thanks I will give you my review 🙂

安哲宏 says:

It’s very helpful tutorial

Bharat Rawal says:

if we done Json parsing with this link( i want store only three attribute that is track_name,description and artworkurl60….and now i want to store that data means(json data) into core Data how we can do….plz help me.

Maryam Kayed says:

I fixed that error, for now I am having another one

2015-05-19 11:50:57.623 Student Notebook App[34433:986961] -[PFUbiquitySetupAssistant finishSetupWithRetry:](826): CoreData: Ubiquity:  : Retrying after delay: 120
Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=134060 “The operation couldn’t be completed. (Cocoa error 134060.)” UserInfo=0x7f8a5047d9a0 {reason=Failed to migrate baseline, unable to create ubiquity migration manager}

anyone knows the soultion please ?

Alvin perry says:

Since core data is deprecated now with iCloud. Can you suggest what should I use if
1. If have to store data on phone for offline use
2. Then sync it across devices if user have say iPhone, iPad, and iWatch

imax21i says:

maybe can you share your project? I can’t understand if I miss something but I continue to get the same error 🙁

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