Learn how to build apps – Build a Basic App with Swift Programming Language

This tutorial will show you how to build a simple app using Swift Programming Language and Xcode 6.

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Armaan Brar says:

Can you teach me how to use audio with swift

Jaisingh Isaac says:


Điên says:

Thank you so much, you’re such a good teacher 🙂

Ricardo Francalacci Savaris Rsavaris says:

Hello, just started to program with Swift. I am trying to develop an algorithm. The idea is to input a number in different variables and a more elaborate number appears in the outlet. For every variable I write, there will be a range of numbers that will represent a certain number, I guess it is the function if. I probably make things confused, but it is simple. Let’s say if I write a number 3457, it iwll be in a range between 3000 and 5000 and it represents the number 1.3; the same for other variables. The out put will be an elaborate formula (var1*var2)/var3, and something like that. Do you have a tutorial to follow?

Xander G says:

Is this program also for Windows?

Max Schultz says:

Where is the next video??? 😉

Walker Albinson says:

Hey Code Lady! A friend and myself thought it would be a fun weekend project to try and make an app by following your video, but we ran into some trouble with getting it to run. Do you think you could look at it for us and help debug? You’re help would be much appreciated, thanks.

//  ViewController.swift

//  RoundOne


//  Created by WalkerCamren on 11/25/14.

//  Copyright (c) 2014 C&W App Development. All rights reserved.


import UIKit

class ViewController: UIViewController {

   @IBOutlet var outputLabel: UILabel! = UILabel()

    var currentCount : Int = 0

    override func viewDidLoad() {


        // Do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib.


    override func didReceiveMemoryWarning() {


        // Dispose of any resources that can be recreated.


   @IBAction func numberButton(sender: UIButton) {

        currentCount = currentCount + 1

        outputLabel.text = “(currentCount)”

        outputLabel.textColor = UIColor.blackColor()


Aqua Nightingale says:

farr man
can we only make Iphone app with mac?

ktmman1503 says:

Great work… It works… my first working app… Thank you !!! Cheers Craig. BTW I am 57 and still keen to learn, but need lot’s of help … thanks again !

Vulcan Viper says:

Apparently things have changed in Xcode since this video was made.

miss trn says:

Thank you code lady , you are a good teacher <3

Saira Ali says:

Has their been any really good apps made with swift that millions of users downloaded?

YonVR says:

Thanks for your Tutorial!

Mr. Wong says:

Love it

MadHatter says:

You’re amazing at tutorials, very thorough and easy to follow!
Thanks so much

Bin ZHOU says:

A lady can code is so sexy~

K3K says:

thank you so much you explained everything very well

Gamerkid99 Mc says:

What if the tuxedo button doesn’t show up?

hongwei chen says:

It seems this tutorial is not for programming beginners

Nuha Aziz says:

It WORKED for the 1st time of my life thank you so much please keep doing tutorials !!

keith floyd says:

Code Lady … this is great! You are an excellent teacher! Very much enjoyed this video! 

Greg Hoffmann says:

Must compliment you on your techniques. It’s fast enough to keep the viewer interested, yet not too fast to lose track. Well done!

storyteller Lyndon says:


KnotSnappy says:

Can you make it so at a certain number of times it says something besides the certain count?

Daryl Albert says:

Hello I’m 14 and I am Indonesian, I want to be an app developer but I just started. I really like this video! The how you teach makes me understand clearly, great job on this and keep moving forward. 😀

affinix says:


AI913 says:

It says”Could not find any information for class named ViewController”, when I click control and dragged the lable at 6:10… I can’t do anything

Saira Ali says:

And do i need to download Xcode seperatly?

Gamerkid99 Mc says:

How do u get the utility key for label and button

Andrew Lucas says:

Very easy and helpful

All you need to know about... says:

Hello, I’am trying to make a dictionary app where the order of the letters you type in doesn’t matter at all. Can you help?


Thank you so much.

ThePainkiller1982 says:

Do you recommend MacBook air for programming?

Patricia Roxani Moreno says:

Hi code lady my assistant editor has two loops, no tuxedo..i have version 6.3.2?? how do i fix and get my tuxedo? have any ideas?

keewee23 says:

currentcount += 1

Christopher Rodriguez says:

mine worked fine! but the similator kind of looked different like a little bigger and the words were cut off on the iphone screen

J_laubster says:

so i have been messing around with android studio and android programming. In your opinion is it easier to code apple apps or android apps?

Felipe Fujimori says:

Great videos, well explained and simple… Thanks for the good quality tutorials. 😀

rbi alw says:

Great tutorial!!

Max Schultz says:

Did I mention that this is the best and clearest video on Swift that I’ve ever seen? Must have more information!

JeremyPorridge says:

all i got was a black screen in the Simulator (i have xcode 7.0.1)

Annalea Layton says:

do you know how to use a alertcontrol button and make it go back to another view controller for example a main menu? I know the coding for the alert control just for the part where you put the action in I am not sure what I am doing wrong please help

MiniTekkers says:

im 13 and im learning most of the basics of swift, i want to be a app developer and id just like to say thank you as this really helped me! 🙂

Alex Kaharudin says:

I believe the most important benefit that Swift provides is that we can avoid working with Objective-C to develop a native iOS app

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