Learn how to build apps – Swift Programming Language Tutorial – Getting Started.

Getting started with Swift Programming language for iOS. Learn to download Xcode 6 and get started with constants and variables. New Full course learn how to build apps with xcode 7, swift 2 for ios. Coupon here for 35% off Udemy Price: https://www.udemy.com/learn-ios-app-development-and-make-more-money/?couponCode=YouTube35Off


Christopher Price says:

How would one go about learning how to code live streaming as seen in Periscope and Meerkat?

Ramiro Negri says:

You’re great! Looking forward to more lectures 

Daniel Laera says:

really good tuts. I hope you’re making more!
you’re an excellent teacher….

laerning says:

Your videos are awesome! It’s a pleasure to watch and learn 🙂
Thank you!

Rad Ical says:

Your videos are excellent.  I wish there were more 🙁

Moe_Shah_007 says:

is there only 14 videos? i like how you explain everything and coding girls are amazing! where can i get more videos?

Mohamed Khodary says:

subscribed 🙂  keep it up

Juan says:

I love the way you teach, very easy to understand and a soothing voice!

Steve Burrus says:

Yoiu cannot use the Swift programming language in Windows? No wonder I couldn’t easily install it on my win 10 beta preview!

Oliver Morland says:

You’re amazing! You make the only videos on the whole internet which properly explain Swift! Thank you Code Lady!

Daniel Edwardz says:

I love your videos, you speak clear and amazing voice. 

Hoo Lai says:

Many channels that teaches about programming assumes everyone to know the basics and doesn’t explain in details. This is good for people like me who don’t even have a bit of programming background.

Van Ho. says:

Is this the basic of overall coding??? Great tutorial by the way.

How to Excel says:

Hey there!

Albert Ink says:

What a delight to learn code this way!

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