Learn Swift 3.0 & Xcode 8 (Part 1 – Swift Basics)

In this video series I will teach you the fundamentals of programming in Swift 3.0, the programming language released by Apple in 2014 and open sourced late last year. It has become the most popular language in the world, and is crucial to learn for iOS, MacOS, TvOS and WatchOS app development in the future.

This series will be over 5-6 videos and will cover Swift Programming, Introduction to Xcode, and then I will help you build your first iPhone application using everything we learnt.

If you want to check out the Swift project you can check out: https://www.swift.org

The code written in this video is available for you to view here: https://gist.github.com/dylankbuckley/47b4a604e4b40925db6645d2c0f5a59c

I am on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dylankbuckley


Sanauyar Ali says:

very nice video please cover all topics with a real time app like Uber app thanks!!

Nicolaj Søndberg-Jeppesen says:

Thanks for this video. Im slightly confused though. In my book: “My mom is older than me” is not the opposite of “I am younger than my mum”

Ibad Ali says:

Dylan- I am beginner to languages but I just ready swift book (few start pages ) and watched your video after watching your video all basic concepts cleared.

Hope to see part 2 soon
Thank You,

R Abhijith says:

Great vid! Waiting for Part 2!

Umid Alnuaimi says:

+1 Thank you for the video. Keep up the good work!

Mike Studer says:

Playground is bugged in Xcode 8.2.1. No output is visible. I give up.

Channel GAME says:

is that any book is available in market for basics……

MrBlueMoose says:

Very helpful! Your amazing at explaining Swift!

louis srestha says:

Nice video 😉

Chill Zero says:

Where’s part 2? Thanks for the vid. Really understandable. PLs upload Part 2 soon! 😀

KarlssonDeLaRosa says:

Great video!! Thanks a lot!

Dennis Ruiz says:

This Xcode’s playground is really awesome!

Korab Gashi says:

im new on programing, lets say i dont know nothing and a never was able to learn. To know coding doesn’t mean that you know how to tell others.. You know how.. continue to do so. Thanks

Polk says:

nice video, but the typing sound is very annoying.

Ted Terwilliger says:

very helpful video, will the time between uploads be this far apart in the future?

LC Regencia says:

well done Dylan! Thank you!

Christian Jackson says:

YOWZA! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m a designer trying to learn to code, and your the first educator that speaks in a way that I understand. The order and method that you break everything down is fantastic. I’m subscribing. Please keep them coming.

Feauv says:

great start for swift. I come from C++ so a lot of this was not that hard, but I like that you are starting us out with a good base.

Ice Smoke says:

really good, man!

8888 jacky says:

Thank you ,very helpful


Very nice.This video was very clearly and cover the all the topics as soon as possible…..Thank u!

King’s Audience says:

i love the app idea your working on too. http://www.sparedesk.co pretty cool

Paul Garcia says:

Great tutorial. How long until part two comes out?

Miroslav Babenko says:

What a good job m8, enjoying watching you thx a lot! subscribed!

King’s Audience says:

when is part 2 coming brother?

Mehmet Zeki OSMANCIK says:

Thanks Dude its really useful. I’m waiting for Part 2 and more 🙂

Valentin Harasti says:

great video! expecting more in the future, subscribed 😀

Legit_G says:

Nice tutorial
Just waiting for the second part
When will the second part be released???

Yassin says:

Great video bro.

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