Lecture 1: Introduction to iOS 10, Xcode 8 and Swift 3

Stanford CS 193P iPhone Application Development

All videos are on iTunesU (including English subtitles):

Slides and other material provided by Stanford University can be found on my Google drive:

All programming assignments will be subsequently published on my GitHub page:


Al Y says:

To the professor: You are an amazing professor! Thank you so much. You make tough things very easy to learn!

Yue Yu says:

really like this prof. I did remember his early ios lectures when I was in the middle school

MHVuze says:

Thank you so much for sharing these lectures! Very clear and to the point.

Aleixo Porpino Filho says:

Hello sir, it’s that possible that you consider to put the automatic subtitle option from youtube in your videos? Thanks for the awesome lectures.

Rupesh B says:

explain webservices in swift

wiltybobx says:

Is the document referenced at 36:35 regarding naming available for download? Thank you!

Julio Ryuuzaki says:

His explanations are just amazing. But correct me if I’m wrong, if the first number you press is ZERO the display will show 00?

Isaac You says:

Great Thanks to you. I just stepped into the world of coding.
Your videos are awesome and helps me a lot.

anaikh anaikh says:

Itunes U is very unstable in my area. Thanks for uploading the video.

Jaylin W says:

Hey I’m using 8.3.3 and running into this an error with the print(“(digit) was called”) section of the code. The alert keeps saying “String interpolation produces a debug description for an optional value; did you mean to make this explicit?” How can I go about fixing this with the updated version?

Y Zhang says:

Thank you very much for these videos!

princeofexcess says:

Wont cost you any money. Haha it shows a lot about apple that he has to keep saying that.

But dont worry if you actually want to publish the app it will cost you $100 dollars. And if you want to develop in xcode you need to own a mac.
So yea…. Good job for making things free apple

Shao-Chien TSAU says:

Thank for those videos. That helps me a lot. 謝謝。

MyRandomNick says:

Can someone explain to me the way userIsInTheMiddleOfTyping works? How does it connect to the label and how does the app know what it means?

minakshi kbr says:

great teacher many many students get benefits from u.
great sir

sv Math Tutor says:

43:00 Hold down “option” button > mouse over turn blue > click to see help for that particular item

Evan C says:

Awesome lecture! but still don’t know when to use display!.text! display.text! or display.text

Ahmed Hasan says:

Michel what to do if want to make some live apps or games not taught by you
taking huge lectures……….of hours n hours but not making any good

Geoffrey says:

its really interesting to see the views go from 15k on this video to 7k on the next then 3k then 2k then 1.5k then 900 then 700 towards the end.

yekcoh Kim says:

Fantastic! Now I don’t have to watch the Swift 2 lecture and be conflicted with Swift 3.

Jerry Liu says:

Paul Hegarty is one of the best professor.

Hemant Makar says:

Thanks for uploading this playlist

D bros says:

This is probably the best iOS tutorial available and it uses Xcode 8. Thanks for uploading.

Michael Cao says:

Where Can I Find Object-Oriented Programing Videos?

Blue Stacks says:

You sir are amazing, thanks for sharing this. God bless you!

Ahmed Hasan says:

paul the man of men…

Ahmed Hasan says:

like a full website or app of that kind plz dont mind give a way for that please…………!!!!!

sv Math Tutor says:

Bookmarking 30:15 since this part is critical. Outlet –> Action. Any –> UIButton. None –> Sender

Abhinav Kurrey says:

it showing error with let digit = sender.currentTitle!

John Kricorian says:

Hello, how to set xcode to display the method indications. (ex. currentTitle => “Returns the title associated….”)? Thanks

Alex Casasola says:

Your lecture is amazing and very well thought out. Thank you so much for releasing it to the public, and free at that! Though my body is going to regret staying up so late watching your videos tomorrow morning at work haha.

Lucas Paul says:

I learned swift and iOS development from last year’s Stanford iOS videos (and a LOT of self practising, to finish my app). If you have some programming experience, and you seriously want to learn iOS, these are the BEST video series I’ve found. (I repeat: Not for complete beginners, they are aimed at CS students)

Thank you Stanford for making them publicly available for all of us.

孙永龙 says:

Hello,Thank you for uploading,but why I can’t see the ‘cc’ button that use to open subtitles ?

Abhinav Kurrey says:

with 8.3

Alexander Ekman says:

Thank you!

Vova Shlihta says:

Hello from Ukraine, I just wanted to say thanks for everything you do, uploading files, videos etc. It’s really easy to follow your lectures even on 1.5x speed. You are a great tutor!

Changyu Yan says:

Such an awesome Professor! Materials are so well-explained! Thank you for uploading! 😀

sv Math Tutor says:

At 47:00 my screen has a yellow triangle with the warning “String interpolation produces a debug description for an optional value; did you mean to make this explicit? …. The Fix-it options are (1) Use ‘String(describing: digit)’ to silence this warning or (2) Provide at default value to avoid this warning. Which of these two options is a better fix?

Kamran Saeb says:

Thanks for the great experience. It’s very hard to know a great tutor these days.

Vamsi Krishna says:

hello #Michel Deiman can you please explain how to create a sqlite database using fmdb in swift3

Julian Song says:

I was watched this teacher’s video five years ago and now I became a professional iOS developer. He does a great job.

sv Math Tutor says:

Bookmark 50:45 Optional ? removed by adding ! to end

Eli says:

this worth gold.
Thanks for sharing

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