Lecture 1: Introduction to iOS 11, Xcode 9 and Swift 4

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Paul Hegarty provides an overview of the lecture series and introduces the different components in iOS. He concludes with a demo of Concentration Game.

Topics Include:
iOS 11 Overview, Core OS, Core Services, Media, Cocoa Touch, Platform Components, Tools, Language(s), Frameworks, Design Strategy 

(Complete first reading assignment now! – See my Google drive.)
All videos are on iTunesU (including English subtitles):

Slides and other material provided by Stanford University can be found on my Google drive:

Stanford CS 193P iPhone Application Development (not updated yet by Stanford):

All programming assignments will be subsequently published on my GitHub page:


KPenn says:

He looks like 60 years old Mark Zuckerburg

Fan Jin says:

1:02:19 – Property Observer
1:08:34 – Rename IBOutlet
1:13:36 – Optional

Bob Tanner says:

Not a calculator this quarter?

Rob Sutton says:

Sooo…if new to Apple dev just go Swift first then Objective-C?  By new I mean as of February 2018.

joshsrn says:

Thank you so much for producing and releasing this!

DukeOBass says:

Thank you VERY MUCH for posting this lecture series!

Faizaan Gagan says:

Can we use an observable(ish) thing to the flipcount variable so that UI gets update when the variable value gets changed

goodyoung92 says:

Amazing! I really like your updated lectures. <3

Amit Verma says:

Thank you so much for your lecture ,you help me a lot

Prashant P says:

thanks for uploading video and resources

Salman Zafar says:


tpsu129 says:

I knew the game as Memory as a kid.

Vadym Kargin says:

Thanks, as always, those lectures are much anticipated.

phạm anh tuấn says:

Can you take a homework ? Thank you


Please include content from the optional Friday sections!

Zain Sheikh says:

Michel Deiman, Can you please provide the link of Friday sessions, if they were recorded.

Nick Makaronok says:

I gonna learn Swift to write my application, I think It’s an amazing course to do It, It’s kinda pushing me to my goal, So Thank you;)

jie cai says:

It will be better if had a version for chinese language~

Maikel Versantvoort says:

This is a great teacher!
I’m going to try to do this full course, hopefully my little programming knowledge/experience will be enough to be able to follow along…

Heinz Guderian says:

Sir thank you very much

tecnalta says:

thank you
will you keep MVC forever? 🙂 no plan to change this?

joey joey says:

this is awesome, thanks for sharing!

Eunji Kim says:

I am going to start watching this right now!! Thank you for sharing!!

Mitul manish says:

I wrote a similar Memory Game last year..Here’s the link: https://github.com/mitulmanish/SeatFrogGame

sudipto lahiry says:

A thought for wannabe app developers .. I would recommend that you go through a commercially available course on Udemy or like and then come to this. Michel is thorough and teaches CONCEPTS. FUNDAMENTALS that I need to know. However I realise if I went straight for this given I have little (hobby level) programming background, I would struggle. With some hands on practice from a commercial course , I am finding this immensely more valuable as I build my fundamental understanding of the subject. THANK YOU!!

أبو فيصل says:

Thank you so much for uploading this tutorial. It is the best on the net. Wouldn’t it be better if we use Button.tag instead of creating a collection of buttons?

Derek Yap says:

This is a great video thank you! I’m a beginner trying to learn how to use Swift and it’s really helping to go through these lecture videos and the reading assignments (I found them on Github.com). Any chance you can also post the coding assignments online… somewhere?

g00d ViBeS says:

this video has singlehandedly taught me more than all other learning websites combined so thank you. 

maybe not “taught” in the sense of exposure to and basic function of the fundamentals, but no other source has done a better job explaining the theory more simplistically.

Nick LaCombe says:

Thank you so much~!

Oleg K says:

Thanks a lot

Scott Baggett says:

As a programmer coming from many other languages to Swift over the last month or so, these lectures have been an absolute pleasure to watch. You cleared up quite a few syntax issues that I’ve been wondering about (internal/external param names!) and I love the pace. Thank you!

Jakub Zaloha says:

Amazing job. My dream is to go to university like Stanford  and have teachers like you. Thank you for all of you have done and uploaded to ytb.
Sorrry for English it`s my second languge.

richard gomez says:

nice video

Cesar Bess says:

Thanks for posting these videos here

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