Lecture 3: Swift Programming Language

P.s.: Please find document links below!!

Paul Hegarty begins with a demonstration of making Concentration’s button layout dynamic. He then reviews the first two lectures and continues diving into Swift.

Topics Include: Swift, Autolayout, CountableRange, Tuples, Computer Properties, Access Control, Assertions, Extensions, enum, Optionals, Data Structure, Protocols
(Complete 2nd reading assignment – See my Google drive.)
All videos are on iTunesU (including English subtitles):

Slides and other material provided by Stanford University can be found on my Google drive:

Stanford CS 193P iPhone Application Development (not updated yet by Stanford):

All programming assignments will be subsequently published on my GitHub page:


Thành Trần Công says:


Puja Punchouty says:

The videos are amazing. Thanks for uploading. This helped me learn in a structured manner.

Takausr Azeem says:

I’ve some autolayout issues on iPhone 5s, I have uploaded the screenshots along.

Kostas Ziridis says:

Some of the most complete iOS tutorials you can find!Thank you for you contribution. You help allot!!

chandrasekhar reddy says:

At 34th minute, how was he able to compare the values index and newValue in set case(index == newValue)? is newValue not of type optional Int whereas index is Int?

Lionel Bersee says:

These are great videos. Thank you

Ruslan Petrov says:

Despite professor says that it’s common to use “weak” with outlets, Apple recommends to make them “strong”, and use “weak” only to avoid a retain cycle situation. More about that at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/29421614/should-iboutlet-be-weak-or-strong-var

jamal ahamad says:

Nice one.. very very thank you.
Where is previous video please send me link.

Abdul Mueez says:

where are the home works?

Sun & Peace says:

This is great, but kinda bummed out that theres only 6 lectures. Will there be more since the course is running rn?

Pc Solutions says:

thx bro its amazing

Андрей Карабань says:

really awesome!!! Thanks for sharing this invaluable material

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