Part 11 – Classes | Introduction To Swift

Fully working for Swift 4 in Xcode 9!

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Part 11 in our series introducing you to Swift 3.0! In this video, we will start to take a look at another way of creating your own custom types: classes. We will learn when to use classes, how to set up a class, and one of the differences between classes and structs.


Connor Aalto says:

Thanks know I finally understand classes

Shreyas Papinwar says:

Well the best beginner series!

erifetim says:

So if I wanted to make a copy of a class, I’d have to make a new variable that only copies the values of the other variable?

DukeOBass says:

The BEST explanations of these things – ANYWHERE!!

Marisabel Gonzalez says:

Is this series going to be completed? I really enjoyed your videos…

daw beats says:

Another great tutorial, thank you. 🙂

Marcus Kronbert says:


The_Miner27 says:

I forgot how to make a decimal number with an Int

Tom Trombley says:

Outstanding video. Carefully and thoroughly explained with examples. Thanks!

Adrian Evensen says:

You are really good at making me actually understand the code, so glad I found your channel. Looking forward to your next video(s – hopefully), the only channel I’ve setup notifications on youtube.

Juanpablo Macias says:

Great video thank you!

Sanket Ray says:

Ok, you are the best 🙂 Please do advanced “Swift” series please.

His Majesty says:

Great tutorial, thanks sm man!!!

Gakkie Gakkienl says:

Super! Been waiting for this. Thank you! I will donate too!

Ahmed Talaat says:

That like object oriented basics in java 🙂
init == constructor

Corne de Jager says:

Finally, a video that makes sense out of classes. Thank you Matt!

Shaker1906 says:

Excellent Job. Confused until watching your video. Well explained. Thank you!!

Pineapple Pizza says:

So classes do many things, while structs do a single thing? I’m still a little confused on this.

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