Swift 3 Tutorial

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You guys asked for a Learn Swift 3 in One Video tutorial and here it is! All of the time stamps are here to help you find what you need.

01:13 Intro
03:01 Data Types
05:24 Casting
06:28 Conditionals
14:02 Math
16:55 Strings
24:05 Arrays
27:44 Looping
32:01 Dictionaries
35:06 Tuples
36:40 Optional
39:04 Functions
45:15 Closures
51:12 Filter
52:11 Reduce
53:07 Enumerations
54:12 Structs
55:50 Classes
1:00:36 Inheritance
1:04:49 Protocols
1:07:43 Error Handling
1:10:06 Extensions

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jaryd remillard : https://github.com/YearOfProgramming/2017Challenges


Oliver Benson says:

Hi Derek. Thanks for the video. You’re a great teacher as always. Looking forward to your next one! 🙂

Sandy says:

It would be great if you could build something – like perhaps an app. Must better retention when learning something new

Gummble bro says:

Anyone know why sometimes you need to explicitly say the variable you’re trying to pass into the parenthesis? ex. let add10 = addFunc(val: 10) and print(“10 + 5 = (add10(5))”) the addFunc needed val: but add10 didn’t need it.

channelnumber52 says:

You’ve got to do a Kotlin tutorial now. I really thought you already had one, but my memory was messing with me.

Jesse Carter says:

This tutorials are great but, where can I find graphics thingys? Thanks brah 😀

Skorost' says:

Just when swift 4 comes out

Hamza Yousuf says:

hye derek how are you man
plz make a video showing us how to protect from wanacry attack
and love your work

Ryan Goodner says:

Thank you!

Confusius says:

Derek, did you give up on the Talos principle, no more video’s for weeks ?
btw, Thank you so much for your programming video’s, I’ve been looking for ages for decent noob-friendly, go-along video’s, yours are brilliant for starters (and perhaps wintered) !

Tuneer Ghosh says:

Awesome video. I was a bit nervous of starting Swift in the beginning, but this video was a huge help. Thank you so much!

wilroth2403 says:

You do a lot of programming tutorials, so I think your next big tutorial should be Computer Science and algorithms which apply to all languages because they rarely change, are very important, and you have never covered it

Fire Bucket says:

Excuse me could you do a video on Emerald or Nickel if possible ?

Zac Carter says:

@1:04:20, returns warning “is’ test is always true”. What does this mean, or limit?

Sai Charan says:

WOW!! you are awesome

Ansuuv sikka says:

+Derek Banas rest and make yourself comfortable before uploading. Altho i miss ur notification saying that u made a video, at least I know u might be either making more videos or u r resting. If ur making videos, take a break! U deserve it!

Utku Kamacı says:

Hey Derek I am following your videos for 3 month and my programming skills epicly improved thanks to you. I want to learn swift but I heard that swift 4 is almost there. Will you make tutorial for swift 4? Thanks

La crème says:

Can you please make a good video on programming microcontrollers (in C and Assembly)?
Youtube lacks good tutorials, i don’t know if you are into electronics, but with microcontrollers (PIC microcontrollers are for begginers since they have fewer pins and easier architechture) you can program fun stuff, as a tip, for IDE use MPLAB X, which is free, you can also use program called Proteus, to emulate a certain microcontroller.
For example, you can test a “hello world” app in proteus(visually, u can also do it in MPLAB, but its just debugging) , in embedded world the “hello world” app, is an LED blinking. I’m looking forward to your response, cheers from Serbia 🙂

nixon nixus says:

Sweet!, could you please do a Kotlin tutorial

Mohammed Khan says:

I know php and javascript but when i start to learn deep i get nasty headaches is this common ??

EvolutionWizard says:

Hi Derek can you do a introduction about Katlin, looking forward to it

Tin Juanita Nguyen says:

Could you please make a video for VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) specifically VBA for Excel.

Sai Anantapantula says:

Derek, your videos are always great. I just have one question: How do you have such an extensive knowledge of so many different programming languages? Thanks for all your videos.

JCH says:

Can you make a video on pointers in swift? (UnsafePointer)

vm0531 says:

Would you make a video on Julia language?

Ege says:

Hey Derek! please do Kotlin tutorial!

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