Swift for Absolute Beginners Part 1

If you’ve never programmed anything before and you want to learn Swift this series is for you!


wesos de queso says:

Don’t be fools guys, he’s right. Learn and master one language, any language.

Harsh Patel says:

i am quite familiar with objective oriented programming, and how to program in general. Where should i start?

Saif mwali says:

You got a lot of talent teaching especially from scratch i would have paid for this course , thank you so much !

Elijah Plays says:

gigillion things happening, that’s 1 with a bazillion zeros lol

Joseph Wahba '20 says:

very easy and helpful, thank you

Danny Nguyen says:

What kind of specs do I need when buying a Mac to program?

olav fosse says:

If you have some knowledge about programming you can safely skip this video

AMoL Chavhan says:

project starts at @6:00

CHAFFY6six6 says:

be sure to like all his vids

NovaTech Zx says:

I’m using a phone tho

hitler your dad says:

best programming teacher ever !!!!!!!!

Ray Villalon says:

I’ve been struggling with coding but you definitely helped a homie out! Thanks! This dumbs it down for me a lot.

Taylor Thomley says:

Thank you so much for this!

asiif mortuza says:

which programming languages does mac use?

WolfGum Official says:

You can also have a virtual machine.

GianiX says:

OMG I AM YOUR 30.000TH SUB!!!!!

Lucija Cetin says:

Finally a source that explains what those short words mean and how they work in the code.. it annoys me how some books claim they’re suitable for people that haven’t seen a line of code before and just throw bunch of var and let in there and expect you to get it.

Paritosh Purohit says:

Can I practice on Windows?

Sebsanonlebus says:

Is it $99 for one year, or $99 per year?

l4gg3rkn3c says:

This is the first tutorial, which really starts from the very beginning. Very very nice, your’e a very good teacher, I’m now starting to watch this whole series on your channel. Thank you for taking time to explain it to the absolute beginnners.

Keep up your good work.

I’m sorry for my bad English.

Kind regards from Germany!

anthony xavier says:

When do you actually get to the point? I thought this tutorial was called Swift for Absolute Beginners, didn’t learn a thing about Swift. Such a waste of time, time that I’ll never get back.

Vince Lam says:

Watching this before my MacBook Pro comes tomorrow and I’m already so excited to learn!

BlackWolf6420 says:

Thank you. That wasn’t as intimidating as I thought haha

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