Swift programming language – Apple Keynote

Swift is an innovative new programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch disegned by Apple.

Swift code works side-by-side with Objective-C.


David Tharios says:

Swift is for beginners.
Objective-C are for masters of coding.

Adam Hartstein says:

Why have Ob-C when you can have swift? Why use swift when you can use c#, c++, JavaScript, and type script?

- says:

Utterly pathetic “objective C without the baggage of C” – no! Swift is javascript like, childish thing with many stupidities like optionals and weird syntax without any real need for it.

Sandy says:

React vs Swift….React and all its dependencies, or Swift with all it uni focus IOS world. I love the ability to use ubiquitous code with Android and IOS platform, but while I was walking through this course in Udemy by Stephen Grider, I realised that the set up (React) was a bane, and there were huge dependencies. Further, there were, two index files one for IOS and another for Android. Sure there was some boiler plate code init, but that was pretty much for getting started. Which means I have to write two sets of code separately for IOS and Android. It seems quite daunting, you see. I just want all the stuff like heavy lifting of code dependencies and build to be taken care by the framework so I can simply focus on building my app 🙂 comments ?

Urvi Bhagi says:

This is a great resource on using Swift in Classroom for teaching Coding. I loved reading about the Everyone can Code program, which resonates with my own coding experience.
I actually just compiled a really thorough guide of ‘Major Education Technology Highlights from Apple Keynote Event 2016’ of my own. I think you might find it interesting to read. Take a look if you get a chance: http://www.assignmenthelp.net/blog/apple-keynote-education-technology/

Looking forward to more such delightful videos from your feed.

Nathanael Monaghan says:

Fuck Swift

XGamer [CRO] says:

Why is this guy copying Steve Jobs

T1ger8oi says:

I’m gonna attempt to learn Swift, with zero programming skills. How long will it take to master?

LukeRM says:

1:26: “Giggity, Giggity, Giggity, Giggity, Giggity!”

maffin says:

Этих языков программирования столько….Что они ликуют?Новый старый какая разница они все одинаковые..Даубле флоат инт булеан..Везде все одно и то же я еще не смотрел язык но уверен что там будет все то же самое что и в остальных языках программирования

Three crackers and a fucking fig- Araxsan Hadi says:

How can I use it if I can’t fucking install it on PC ?!!!

vampiroast says:

Hi!! If someone can help me I’d like to know how to make an animation like the one in this video, I mean, how do I draw a landscape, two cannons, a Zeppelin, the grass, the circus wheel of fortune?? Do I need an image editor like photoshop to draw them? do I need to use stop motion to make the animation? and then load the images to Swift, or maybe C++? Anybody knows of a Youtube video or a book that explains something like this? The 3D game looks awesome but for now, I just want to know about how to draw, animate, load and use 2D images in a game. Thanks in advance 😀

UGP says:

and the whole interactive programming idea that apple downright stole from Bret Victor which hated his decision to work at apple

Deddy Candra says:

1:30 kid with glasses: “Holy Shit!”

Mateus Pimentel says:

Multpleosple splee epel 1:23

UGP says:

this vid is so creepy and funny i mean the 80s seller mannerisms, the dude in the front row applauding frantically — what is this the return of jesus christ? LOL

Tony Martinez says:

So when is this coming out?

sridevi chollangi says:

what is stands for SWIFT.
why we called it is Swift

Александр Мирошник says:

Спасибо за видео

以蔵岡田 says:

All the nerds clapping lol

FuN & EnterTainMent says:

Wow man its a awesome language….I just loved it …I am in +1 standard and I will do software engineering …I will definitely learn this language…its awesome

AZAPPS says:

They are like moonies……………….

Niely Boyken says:

Swift indeed is a great language and I like it a lot. However,
comparing it to Python in relation to speed is… Well, idiot.

Like you know as well, Python is NOT made to be fast at run-time,
It’s needed to be fast when developing.
What can be done in Obj-C in a week, can be done in Python in like a day.

The Python-script will run slower, but you saved six days of developping.
They also have other purposes as well.

So, just wanted to clear that up for other viewers.

づんく Dzunku says:

Isn’t the Swift logo from this JR Kushu’s train mark?
This was used since 2008.

special_K says:

Only an arrogant company like apple can call their programming language “Swift”.

Александр Мирошник says:

Спасибо за видео

Et Immortalem says:

1:31 look at the old geezer clapping. His head is falling

Abel Pereira says:

swift sucks big time just like objective c. wish apple make programming languages as good as phones

Et Immortalem says:

I hated object c. Thank god I will never see that shit again. How many wandered what was going on in obj c code but didn’t know how their code worked. Sucked major balls

Nicoi Logrono says:

C language still the best for beginners .
C can build logical reasoning and good algorithm.

UGP says:

oh and the falling letters with “goto” on top :)) oh boy i never had so much fun watching a programming vid

Joshua Fowler says:

lets say im not programming savy and im learning swift for its simplicity, mostly as a groundwork for the concepts of object orientation. am i wasting my time

AZAPPS says:

These videos are all Apple propaganda…………………. These guys are pathetic.

Et Immortalem says:

Why did the crowd scream whe he said “multiple return type”? Umm, every programming have that duh. I love swift closures even better than Python simplicity. I just made my first calculator and flappy bird and I have to say, it is better than obj c in terms of simplicity, and something called “optional” which totally rocks.

Виктор Чернов says:

Where i can take this video on russian language?

vampiroast says:

Wow! Thanks for the video! Do you know if I can download the code for the game the guy is showing? I’d like to know how to develop a game, and this one is something I like to start with. Or if you know where can I get a book or a code example for a game like this. Thanks in advance.

Defcon 1 says:


Daryll David Dagondon says:

this guy is a great speaker

Reinis Bergmanis says:

Playgrounds is a really good idea, but Swift…pretty meh.

starsky1012 says:

Python? Really? You take one of the slowest languages and you compare your speed to that. Its like comparing the speed of a volvo and a bike.

Hr Gar says:

I was never a programmer, I used to mess around with javascript and thats it. Then I decided to learn iOS development. After I learned some lessons in swift I fell in love. I LOVE SWIFT

Cato says:


Flannel man doesn’t give a fuck

Niiles Punkari says:

Scary that such a daily activity as a product launch can be so much of a cult like experience.

Manik Biswas says:


Reinis Bergmanis says:

Playgrounds is a really good idea, but Swift…pretty meh.

Curtis McAllister says:


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