Swift Programming Language Tutorial Part 1

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Variable, Constants 0:00
Loops, If, Switch 9:00
Arrays, Dictionaries 27:00
Special Thanks to Logan @ loganwright.io


DJ Piggy says:

to long

Justine Jared Perez says:

is it available on Windows OS?
or it is only available to run on IOS?

Tahir Shaukat says:

have you completed swift course in 11 videos ???

j aquesaulait says:

Some good info, but the lecturer sometimes speaks a form of English that is amalgamated into whole blocks of words without any spaces and comes out like a melange of syllables.  Enunciate clearly, old boy, i’wouldn’t’alfimprovethd’livry.

˙ ͜ʟ˙. says:

nice and smooth tutorial , Good Job! 🙂

Kareem Ismael says:

Dear Wilson,
Is there an way to practice what we are learning from the vedios ?

Tra Dom says:

is swift 3 different than the tutorials here? alot of the code i have run has error

J.J. Niño says:

I need help making an app willing to giv 10% of my earnins to help me make it I do not know anything bout codeing

˙ ͜ʟ˙. says:

you are an awesome teacher!

Vulcan Viper says:

First off, I’m sorry if this comes off a more critical than intended. I made this comment when I felt quite confused about the differences I found.

I do believe this video should be replaced or deleted, to avoid confusion. The reason being, I’m not even halfway and I’ve already found several things that have changed since this video.

– println is now print
– .. is not used anymore

System Networks says:

Swift isn’t object oriented right?

Der .dumbone says:

can you declare variables in the loop of a for loop? example: for (var i:Int = 0; i < 10; i++){...}

MuahMan says:

Is this where I start if I am new to programming? I have 16 years of IT support/WAN support but I don’t know the first thing about programming.

Patrick Prodigy says:

Good Tutorial,Perfectly explained.___FUTURE PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE_____

don start says:

im in xcode 6.3 and i can’t open the timeline like the way you do, it show at the bottom of the code and only that particular code separately, i want to put them all together like you do in the video pls help.

(edit nvm i found a way) and for those who have same problem do this, go to view -> assistant editor -> show assistant editor.

Rigoberto Molina says:

I’ve been looking for this forever!! Thank you! (:

Jack Piblington says:

Hi, how do you make more than 2 pieces of information for each item in an array e.g store a name, phone number and email


What swift version is this?

Izio Shaba says:

pretty cool

Yu Ma says:

i’ve been using ur http://swiftstub.com/ for my swift learning. now i watch ur vid lesson.
ur a really awesome mentor, thank you

hatchimitsuchai says:

Do you like saying “it Skips the instructions” ?  LOL

jewish GOD is antihuman scum. says:

its for fucking iPhone

RamaKrishna Reddy Medagam says:

try to make some more videos bro… 🙂

aiota abdeljabbar says:

hi i have a Q. dose this app effect bad on the mac cause it’s my dad’s mac and i dont want to destroy it 🙁

Jose Angarita says:

im stuck on “For Loops” Gem farm. Im working on my ipad for this. Im at the Gem Farm part. can you help? it says decompose multiple patterns into functions and loops

iTechMan427 says:

I have watched many swift tutorials and this is probably the best one I could find.

Eddie B says:

Excellent work covering all of this material. You are a natural born teacher and programmer. Keep up the great work. I am really learning a lot here.

MotionInMotion1975 says:

Thanks for posting these tutorials.

dragoninfire123 says:

I wrote:
var stringArray:String[] = [“Hello”, “There”, “Sir”]
and Swift corrected me to:
var stringArray:[String] = [“Hello”, “There”, “Sir”]
Is this normal? Also, I tried to add the word “How” with += like this:
stringArray += “How”
but the program tells me I can’t. Why?

Hugo - says:

Is there any help video for the more basic stuff concerning coding with swift, because I don’t think I learnt anything with this video, I’m a very begginner.

Adolf Hitler says:

For the people who are coming here, it is outdated but while doing it you can research also how to do those steps in latest version and do it as its a part of learning. I bet you that you won’t find this good tutorial anywhere.

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