Swift Programming Tutorial: Create an App Like UBER- Part 1-Using Swift 2 Code

I’m using the swift programming language in this series of tutorials to code a mobile iphone application like the Uber app. I’m using swift 2 which will be great for you to watch and learn from me coding a real live iPhone application.

In part 1 you will learn how connect your app to parse, which will be the backend for all of our data. You will also learn how to create a video background which is very inviting for the end user and is displaying when you open the Uber app. The video background is displayed using the AVPlayer class and is set to loop so that the video constantly repeats. After the video background is displayed you will add the title text on top of the video as you see in the Uber app. In our case the text displayed will be labeled Ober which will be the name of our iphone application. We will be adding the UILabel fully in code for this tutorial.

You will go to parse.com, register, and download the required frameworks that need to be imported in xcode to allow you to connect to the parse backend. Once you’re connected to parse, you can utilize the frameworks functions to store data on parse via your iphone applications. Utilizing parse as a backend allows you to create apps very quickly and efficiently. Since your data will be on parse, you will be able to make changes to data while your app is in the app store without re-submitting the application as an update.

In this video you will be working with the following frameworks

In this video you will be working with the following files.

In this video(part 1) You will get to dive into the swift programming language by creating 3 functions, 2 of which will accept parameters.

The accepted parameters will be a UIView and NSNotification.

You will work with viewDidLoad() function, NSUrl, NSBundle, AVPlayer, Frames, AVLayers, NSNotificationCenter, Observers, Selectors, AVPlayerItem, UILabel, UIColor, UIFont, Subviews.

If you’re a new coder, you will be introduced to concepts such as variables, constants, and functions. You will also get to create a function which accepts a parameter and then you will pass an object into the function when the function is used.

When you create a function, you add code to that function and then you can run that function anywhere in the iphone application. Once the function is called within the app, the code will run that is inside of the function.

Swift parameters have names and can be accessed inside a function so that when you pass the parameter in, code will use the data that is passed in.For example, In the app, I create a function which accepts a UIView as a parameter. A UIView is a view in your application and you can make changes to the UIView in the function. When you pass in a view somewhere else in code, those changes that you made on the view will be set for the passed in view.

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Additional Information and Resources that will help you:

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Emad Alwasety says:

Hi Bro thanks for your tutorial. can you tell me how can i create an app like Uber Partner i mean Uber App for driver???

Malik Mines says:

So, I am a little late on the Parse train and it seems that they are no longer accepting sign ups on the site. is there a way of still doing this without connecting to parse?

ruffsocks says:

is it possible to make an app like this without parse and adding those frameworks? idk i thought everything you need would be available in Xcode

Rolfadinho OTG says:

Can you guys create a video to show how to create an app like shazam?

Allan Cabutto says:

I’m interested in your course, but I have a doubt about parse. In the first three sections, you use parse and later, you migrated to firebase, however, I dont have an account and it is not possible to create it (parse), so I couldn’t realize the first three sections. How can I work without parse account?

nina ko says:

I need the intro video, how can I get it ?

Aj works says:

hey man, does this tutorial include paying system? to pay the driver etc….

Sukh Singh says:

Can you tell me please, How Uber fetches location of marker in iOS ?

vevo me says:

how to buid it for android

Shazkilz says:

what does parse do?

J. Green says:

Thank you Ryan for your time and I really appreciate the conversation. Thanks for the knowledge and I’m looking forward to working with you Bruh. I will get that API info so we can app it out. You are appreciated Sir.

Hamad Hamad says:

hi , do you do uber like fully functional to run live in practice ? and how mush would you charge?

noor hidthir says:

if i chose android as my os does it have the same way of using the apps??

Cadila Yasin says:

Can you create a app like that for me

Chandala Saturnino says:

Hey parse.com is off, any suggestions?

Tech News says:

anyone on here knows how to make on-demand apps like uber and lyft??? i want to bring this technology into this industry which makes 74 billion in us alone.

J. Green says:

Thank you Ryan for your time and I really appreciate time conversation. Thanks for the knowledge and I’m looking forward to working with you Bruh.

Erika Groves says:

we are looking for programmers. Will pay great money for help mian line 3307371297 text is best to talk with kenny the owner.

Marcel Kalbacher says:

Hi Ryan, This was really interesting and helpful… Thanks for your work.
Would be great if you could work on a tutorial for google maps and how to flag locations in a way that friends with this app they see the marked locations on their map. 😛
Regards from SFO,

Soon Hang Chye says:

parse is shutting down alr, is there any other alternatives to bolt.framework and parse.framework?

Dharminder Singh says:

bro nee help with windows

Daniel Sarmiento says:

testObject.saveInBackgroundWithBlock { (success: Bool, error: NSError?) -> Void in
print(“Object has been saved”)

This code doesnt work in my Xcode, what is wrong?

ChampRocks Patel says:

parse is deprecated any other alternative? n tutorial

Juan Pablo Gaviria says:

hey now that parse is down how can i make it?? 🙁

Bari Kahar says:

Hello Ryan,
Can we please talk sometime in Skype regarding a consultancy from you to develop an Uber like application. My skype ID: Bari.kahar

thank you.

Domenico DiTanna says:

Swift is shutting down. What do you recommend using now instead?

Conor Nolan says:

Where did you learn swift?

Erika Groves says:

contact changetransportation.org

I will pay for your help. We cover ohio

Chris L says:

What do I do since you can’t create a Parse account now? I am totally lost because of this!

Jonathan Wexler says:

Any alternatives to using parse for data storage? Can you make a video about that? Thanks!

Nadjid Harris says:

How tf do you sign up for parse, the site is so confusing

Bennyclay661 says:

what can we use instead of parse?

Abhishek Tiwari says:

Hey Mate I Want to talk to You I have a whole startup plan ready and I want someone who can make some.app which I want and we will consult for the fees and other things there Reply me as Fast as you can We Both have some business to sort out Thanks Are you On whatsapp If yes Then reply me

Mark Fox says:

Can you make me a app like uber so I can try to really really work heard to be bigger than uber

Carla says:

I need somebody to create an app like uber but not so complicate it. If you are interest it, please contact me.

Bennyclay661 says:

parse isnt available anymore any substitutes or do we definitely need it?

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