Swift Programming Tutorial: Games & Apps Part 1 (Sprite Kit)

Code has been updated and all issues should be fixed (thanks to @Grominet on Github). Please see the code here:
Code here: https://github.com/skipallmighty/Skiptaculous
Image assets here: http://imgur.com/a/kTJ9o
Best viewed in 4k!
Leave comments on any errata
Intro 0:00
Demo 0:20
Coding: 8:00
Special Thanks to Logan @ loganwright.io


Hugo Lamarche says:

I think you should make the movement depend on the deltatime in the update block, I guess you don t do it because it run at 60 fps but on slower device it might change … Correct me if I m wrong ! btw realy good tutorial ! Thanks

Kalyana Medavarapu says:

Got it… My mistake. wrong property

Joshua Reeves says:

Thanks Man!  This is really really helpful!

Alessandro Fratini says:

subtitles!!!!! D;

Benny Chew says:

Very nice tutorial! I’m about half way through and I have learned a lot already. Some of the things in SpriteKit are familiar to me, I’ve done Flash in the past. Thanks for the help! I wonder if you offer any premium video courses? Because I really like your teaching style / nice voice, I’d be very interested if you have a more in depth SpriteKit course (Udemy for example). I’d like to learn how you build a game with OOP, so multiple levels and hero characters are possible with efficient code.

Tryoh says:

How can I make the two block more separated from each other? PLEASE HELP!

Matthew G says:

Hey, right now whenever one of the block enters the scene the hero stops rotating and starts moving backward, practically in sync with the blocks’ movement.


Frank Lee says:


Thanks for sharing the nice video. I am really new to just start learning Swift. I found it strange that my Xcode didn’t give me the GameScene.sks file. The automatic code starts a bit different in GameViewController.swift too. Is that because of that I may be using different version of Xcode? I don’t know if anyone can help me with it. So if I would like to create the sks file how do I link to the game app itself?

I am sorry for this stupid question, just started Swift not long ago.


le00 says:

why didn’t you just create a UIbutton that takes you to the next scene?

dragonflar8 says:

So I am new to iOs programming, why can’t we use the main storyboard instead? to drag on buttons so we actually see what we are doing

Alex Merlin says:

Thank you very much i learned a lot !!!!

Can Can says:

When i see a tutorial on web, first of all i’m trying download and build codes. And your codes not working…

Erik MyOxOx says:

Hello, i am currently creating a new social media application, and i would really like your tips.
Please click the link below and answer 3 questions only, to help me make the app close to how you like it. It only takes 20 seconds.
Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1X_R8TsGvRCaXfcWxGMt5hUwfcKZmWBrzF-mmBnMXeJQ/viewform?usp=send_form

Kalyana Medavarapu says:

Hi for some reason my hero is not rotating 🙁 i am using a different image to the one that is shown in the tutorial, Is that the problem?

technojoe says:

i’ve made it to the end of the tutorial. fixed all beta syntax errors. for the life of me i can not get collision detection to work! the hero just constantly goes behind the blocks. thoughts?

Andy M1989 says:

I receive not error no nothing, but some how block don’t show up.
Lost hope, tried for hours to figure out why this is happening.
Would you help, I’m in for a donation, just want to know why.
Thanks A lot.

Kind regards

@Skip Wilson

aanda tv says:

Thank You So Much I’m Combining My Own Code With This An Adding PowerUps Such As Decrease Gravity And Slow Down Time

Johnny Skeez says:

I’m having trouble with let skView = self.view as SKView

I get “‘SKView?’ is not convertible to ‘SKView'”

How do I fix this?

TheSkreets says:

Instead of a ball i want to add a running stick man that jumps and slides. No idea how. Also, how did you create your buttons and character?

Mike Birmingham says:

I need some help hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I know Skip made this app in Portrait. I am trying to build one in Landscape. The issue i am running into is the blocks are not going all the way across the screen. They start off the screen but only make it about 1/2 way and disappear. I have tried everything that i know but cant figure out how to make the blocks make it all the way to the end of the screen. Any help would be grateful.

batmanexpert229 minecraft realm says:

This is somewhat helpful because I am making an app with another group . but I am still not fully understanding

Russell Gerhard says:

If anyone could help me with this I’d be very grateful. Also, I’m a complete beginner, I’ve been watching Skip’s video’s for about a month now, and Swift is my first language. So I followed the instructions to make the hero jump (beginning around 28:50), but no matter how many times I check them over, the hero won’t jump when I tap the screen in the simulator! Any ideas?

MiniTekkers says:

Isn’t spritekit harder to make games then in a single view controller?

ankit thapar says:

I liked your videos very much. I am learning swift at a good rate. Thanks very much !!!! Keepp  on uploading new videos

Maxwell Huber says:

I have XCode 8.2.1, does anyone know how to change to his version of XCode? my default program is different.

Uptown Mike says:

Hey man, this a GREAT tutorial really. I really appreciate it. i’ve learned a lot. I’m not complaining just fell like its on fast forward! I slow down the video to keep up. anyway thanks again for the tutorial.

Harsha Vardhan says:

Thread BreakPoint at if self.onGround { //what to do? (in GameScene.swift

John Liu says:

You are awesome Skip. I absolutely love your style!

John Burnett says:

this isn’t helpful for people who have never done anything with coding

Jerdi says:

As a windows user : suicide

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