Swift Tutorial – To Do List App

Interested in learning Apple’s new SWIFT Programming language? In this video we go from a blank project all the way through creating a basic to do list using the new SWIFT programming language!

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maage56 says:

Very useful 🙂

Jake Alkins says:

if anyone is looking to buy an app message me.

Jeylani Osman says:

Thanks , what if somebody click addTask without entering data. and empty cell is created how would you avoid creating cell? because always cell is returned

sdasdasdasd asdasdasda says:

i do get an error: ‘text’ is unavailable: APIs deprecated as of iOS 7 and earlier are unavailable in Swift

Gabrielle Kozik says:

i got this to work!! how can you make it so you can save your to do list

Alexandre D'acol says:

Saved my life, the tutorial is so simple but cover many things that other tutorial don’t , Thanks !!!!

Star Shooter says:

Check out this addicting Space Shooter App I was able to make with the skills I learned from these videos. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/star-shooter/id1031112882?ls=1&mt=8 Try it for yourself and give me a review to let me know what you think

Ahson Junani says:

my ios touches is not working. error says “Method does not override any method from its super class.”
please help

Adam Emerson says:

The touchesBegan function doesn’t seem to be working on the iPhone 6s. Any idea why this is? On that particular simulator, the keyboard doesn’t come up at all when you click the text box. Works on all the other iPhones though.

edisonsim3 says:

Hi are we able to add lenses like filter to swift? does it cost any money?

Alexander Pichler says:

How do you guys save the Tasks? If i close and start the APP again, it starts without tasks
Thanks for this great tutorial! Please upload more of this!

Al Y says:

I’ve run the app and can type in the text boxes however my keyboard doesn’t show up. Any idea on how I can fix this? thanks

Mahesh Masetti says:

That was really great man . So long am looking for the best but now i found you thanks alot

For those who —- it is not working var tasks = task[]()
change to —-
var tasks = [task]()

it is Swift 2

Travis Fantina says:

I get to 19:04 and but nothing shows up, just a blank white app.

Keep Expanding says:

Awesome! Thanks for this tutorial 🙂

Gabrielle Kozik says:

this was awesome!! some things that helped were doing command + 7 for breakpoints a couple of times it does work also you have to add some ! when you do certain text commands at the beginning and lsprint is print now

Austin Cogswell says:

at 14:55 Xcode says .text is unavailable in swift as of iOS 7.0. Maybe this is a swift 2 change?

Alex Walker says:

I have an error at 

tasks.append(task(name: name, desc: desc))

the error is 

‘task’ does not have  a member names ‘append’

Mason Bass says:

Hey I was just wondering if anyone knew the solution to my problem. My problem is that when i type var tasks = task[]() it comes up as an error and it says Type ‘task.Type’ has no subscript members
If anyone can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated,
Thanks 🙂

Gvidas Man says:

where is the whole project download link????

Nidhin P says:

nice video

Jip Snelder says:

Hi, I just installed the new version of Xcode but now this does not work. I do not understand it.

@IBAction func btnAddTask_Click(sender: UIButton){
taskMgr.addTask(txtTask.text, desc: txtDesc.text);
txtTask.text = “”
txtDesc.text = “”
self.tabBarController?.selectedIndex = 0;

It is about this line of code: taskMgr.addTask(txtTask.text, desc: txtDesc.text);

It says that there might be a ‘,’ is missing. And another error ‘value of optional type ‘String?’ not unwrapped. Did you mean to use ‘?’ or ‘!’.’

Could you please help me with this?

SpRaiG says:

Apple actually made the turn off keyboard just for making your life simpler

Aurous says:

None of my added tasks will show up. I have tried everything from changing the exclamations in the editor but there is no update

Scott Perry says:

Make a Swift Tutorial for Page View App

Jad A says:

Thank you!!

John Stokes says:

Really appreciate the run through. This got me up in Swift in no time!

Abduahmad Qodirov says:

I still havi ng issues even watching many times, reaind comments about syntax and so on. I am using xCode 8,
tasks.append (tasks (name: name:, desc: description)) says – cannot call value of non-function type “task”
what to do guys?
and some more errors, how i can fix it guys, please help’
obviosly the creator of tutorials are not working anymore on his youtube channel, please help


let cell: UITableViewCell = UITableViewCellStyle(style: UITableViewCellStyle.Subtitle, reuseIdentifier: “test”)
error is extra argument reuseIdentifier in cell

Ivan Maulana says:

Quote.. “i don’t usually X-Code.. “. So what are you usually use?

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