Swift Tutorial

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Data Types 1:57
Casting 7:26
Math 8:54
If 11:29
Ternary Operator 13:19
Switch 14:12
Range 16:29
Arrays 17:23
Dictionaries 23:13
Tuples 24:34
For 25:26
For In 27:25
While 30:05
Do While 30:33
Functions 31:10
Variadic Parameters 32:53
Pointers / InOut 33:46
Return Multiple Variables 35:00
Returning Functions 36:05
Inner Functions 39:00
Closures 40:26
Structs 44:10
Computed Properties 46:48
Static 47:32
Classes / Objects 48:06
Init 48:47
Overloaded Methods 50:47
Inheritance 51:54
Override Methods 52:19
Final 52:30
Super 53:00
Dynamic Typing 54:06
Protocol / Interfaces 55:54
Extensions 59:16
Generics 1:01:52
Enums 1:06:12

Today I’ll help you learn Swift in one video! All of the code follows the video below.

We’ll cover Data Types, Casting, If, Ternary Operator, Switch, Range, Arrays, Tuples, Dictionaries, For, While, Functions, Variadic Parameters, Pointers, Inner Functions, Closures, Structs, Computed Properties, Static, Classes, Objects, Overloading, Inheritance, Dynamic Typing, Protocols, Extensions, Generics, Enums and more.


Kevin Dom says:

I appreciate this, even as a person with computer science degree. Never learned any iOS development in college but this was certainly enough to get me started!

element74 says:

is this the future language for developing ios apps? or should I try to learn objective-c? I’m an amateur programmer.

Jay Liu says:

A great tutorial! Concise and easy to understand. Thanks!!!

The Legend 27 says:


Aryan Owais says:

Thanks for ur time! Best Swift video on the whole INTERNETTT!

Troy Morgan says:

@ 26:50, is a break necessary for Swift?

Paul Goodwin says:

I couldn’t get half of these examples to work. Needs to be updated. Good idea though.

Laxmi Suresh says:

Great Tutorial! Thanks a ton!!!

Aleksandar Zivanovic says:

in javascript 5.3 % 3 is 2.3 as well 🙂

kayt mukama says:

I need to know 🙂 how many languages can you tinker with?

ruben esquivel says:

what is your opinion on using Electron for Desktop development? I was just about to learn swift but now I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the time. Frustrating because I don’t know which direction to take.

Roland Brake says:

are the data types in swift objects or primitives?

Jayden Lawson says:

Damnit – got stuck for ages on println – then found it’s been renamed to just print. Hope there’s not too many more things like this.

Manvendra Singh says:

Now I can say , I can learn language in one hour 🙂

MathRed says:

Derek, how do I make a variable so that it is a random number?

Ieva Vaišnoraitė-Navikienė says:

Thank you for a fantastic tutorial!

Ric S says:

Anyone know any good updated beginner tutorials for Swift?

Yogesh Jaiswal says:

13:06 Liked it 🙂

Someshvar Vashisht says:

Derek the video is awesome ! Quick and clear.
I think the find() function is no longer supported now.

A Centill says:

It really elates me when i am looking for a specific tutorial and find your video,because your tutorials are the most exalted ones.Never halt doing this heuristic videos!

rafaelveggi says:

great video, thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge in such an objective way

Bergen Ehrlich says:

Despite your baratone you move very quickly

chip chop says:

I liked it a lot. If u could highlight some more on typecasting (downcasting etc) it would be great. This is great for a quick reference if u forget something. Awesome work. Thanks 🙂

Manzoor Husain says:

sir what will be equivalent swift code ?

MedicineViewController static *medicine=nil;
//initalize and return
medicine=[super init]
return medicine;
else return medicine

Ali Almutawakel says:

A lot of the things in this video don’t work on swift 3. Can you upload a similar video for swift 3 Derek?

reedit syed says:

thank you!!!

G Eeeky says:

Hey Derek, so i’m trying to learn swift but i’m having trouble learning it. what style of learning works best for you when learning a new language?

cfafish says:

Great vid man!!

Eduardo Oliveros says:

if you want to learn more for the basics in swift 3 suscribe to my channel! have a good day!

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