Xcode Tutorial for absolute beginners

Learn the basics of Xcode and how to create your first app. We create a label and a button. When the button is clicked the text of the label changes.

Check out my course on introduction to iOS development.

Learn AutoLayout for different screen sizes:


consciousliberation says:

Thank You!

CRAZY tech says:

thank you it helped me a lot

Jedi Gamer says:

You talk so slowwwwww!!!!!

Pepa Vančura says:

Nice and easy, thanks. Not sure why, current Xcode 8.3.2 will return for button Type “Any” not “AnyObject”, anyway it works fine

TheHellBeast says:

Do i need a website to make an app using xcode?

Vinon Sendivel says:

thank you

DaReal Hons says:

Great Video, Please make more Xcode beginner videos, Also if you can, some swift or objective c tutorial please.

Abdulaziz Alharbi says:

You are the best! So easy to understand keep up

Sam Marks says:

What script language were you using ?

Black_Panther 5664 says:

i am 5

Ernest Stokely says:

Superb explanation, totally clear! Thanks!

David Bonner says:

Very useful, thanks

Mark Rankin says:

Moving over from android to iOS. This is a great video for making comparisons and seeing the similarities between the two

Allan Norin says:

du är svensk jag kunde se det 🙂

Johannes says:

Kom på en sak, jag får inte till det med att lägga till en till knapp som ändrar texten till något annat än om man trycker på första knappen, något du kan hjälpa mig med?

Tanzim Ahmed says:

Tack så mycket – Bra tutorial

Alex Boey says:

Thank you

Sean Costil says:


Jonas Bergqvist says:

Det finns väldigt många handledningar på engelska, hade varit intressant om du gjort en (eller flera) på svenska.

JediYAH Yisrael says:

I’m glad he spoke slow. There are many people speaking fast and I’ve never used XCODE. (and you can always speed up with the youtube option)

Mr. Hermax says:

When editing the code, i don’t see the line numbers on the left…why?

Jason Abignale says:

Play at 1.5x Speed.
Thank me later 😉

Emily Robertson says:

WOW this was helpful. People are saying you talk slow but I actually appreciate it. I am so new to the idea of coding and this was for the straight up, starting with nothing, beginners. Thank you!

Juju raptor says:

can u make hacks with this

Johannes says:

Riktigt bra guide, jag har alltid velat lära mig bygga en app, mest för skojs skull, och detta klipp är väldigt lärorikt, tack så mycket för att du tagit dig tiden. 🙂

Morris Mitchell says:

you are awesome. thanks for teaching me Xcode

prateek gupta says:

Terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException can someone help ?

Bruno David Tanseco says:

Thank you! Wheres the link to your next video?

The Redstone Pickaxe YT says:

at 0:15 the time on the computer is 15:15 lol

Luca Trippitelli says:

Omg can you talk slower?!?!

Torsten Schmidt says:

Good introduction

Tim Drevitch says:

Great Video! Could you check out a simple app that I made? Its really funny. Its called The Insult App! —> https://appsto.re/us/zG7okb.i

O.M.A says:

why you talk sooooooooooooooooo………SLOW, its soooooooooooooo……annoying……BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH…….

Robert Sands says:

Thanks you just gave an aspiring developer a lot of confidence.

yasaman rezaee says:

Thanks but Super slowww !

K J says:

You are great, but sloooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Alberta Boudreau says:

I like it. It helped a lot!

Kevin Mcdonald says:

Thank u so much!!! Your pace and style and technique were perfect!!!

GlasSkorpion says:

For some reason, I can’t run the app. The simulator opens and the Apple logo shows but the loading bar stops nearly at the end and doesn’t show the white screen (iPhone simulator). I tried different simulators too.

khan khalik says:


Yata Misaki says:

I cannot see what is after “thelabel.text “. Can anyone tell me?

Conner A says:

Very Slow but decent tutorial!

Luis De La Cruz says:

Thanks for the help but don’t take it out on the keyboard lol

Andrew G. Wittner says:

Very helpful, how about the next one? Thanks

HAMPA XD says:

everytime i try to make a new file i cant edit the code because i dont have permission, ive changed the sharing and permission but still cant edit the code. what now?

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