Animated Sliding Menu – Modern Flat – C# , VB.Net programming- Bunifu UI 現代設計用戶界面 – 강남스타일



Download Bunifu Controls:
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Bunifu UI controls are DLL driven tools to help you build awesome desktop application interfaces. It guarantees great user experience in your apps and reduces development time.

The DLLs are installed in your .NET environment and is built on top of winforms. It enables developers to drag and drop hence faster coding


Stefan Technologies says:

This is s great tutorial. We will use this method for our next OS.Thank you.

Berkay Çakar says:

it worked in my video project. Thanks man

Shadow 7009 says:

i can’t found The animator in my toolbox …..*_* ….. pls help ……….

Garry S says:

Can this work for a powershell based script with GUI?

TheOne Kingston says:

when sizing the sidemanu panel the menu button is not moving. what am I doing wrong?

Tejas Gupta says:

Hi @Kim Too Flex. I Love Your Videos And I Have Seen In Many Of your videos, you use this dialogue to choose a color and it’s rgb code… the one you are using at 1:47. Is This Included in bunifu or this is a different app….pls telll and give it’s download link….i’m talking about that color picker…….bro…..pls reply……….

Christopher Luis Fernando Martinez says:

This is all good, but the music is HORRIFIC.

weshuiz13 says:

wish binifu was free 🙁

natural mulundu says:

someone help .. what is bunifu ui and how do i get it ???

B M says:

Congrats. The fastest I’ve ever paused and left a tutorial video. Why would you think it would be a good idea to put the most annoying “music” you can find and put it on your video. Buy a mic.

*_hello hi_* says:

Only me can’t drag? xD

Update ur bunifu ui then works

Ricardo Belfort says:

Nice job, I’d like to know how can I use rgb color instead default colors from color picker? Thanks

Gadied Carrero says:

hola a alguien le sucede que no se le queda activo el boton? si doy click se coje el color pero nada mas hago sacar el mouse vuele al color por defecto.

please, someone happend that the active don work?

Sun Koo Kim says:

Are you Korean?

Overlord Tibsis says:

can you please give me the link to the soundtrack you used in the opening of the video or send it to me pleseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

DeathRGH says:

Where can i change my color formatting from 0; 122; 204 to 0, 122, 204… it kinda sucks as my vs forces me to use ; but the color picker gives you ,

João Guerreiro says:

Can someone help me?
I have followed every step up until 10:00 but when I open the app and click the menu button to make the panel slide, the button disappears and I have tried to change the size in the coding and as it seems the animation is hiding everything, including the button and not like in the video where the button slides as well to the side. Thanks

Cryp70n1c Offical says:

10:55 Wow

Eduard jose Arias says:

bunifu controls… where are the libraries?

Thunder Gamer says:

Code VB.Net
Private Sub btn_Menu_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
If sidemenu.Width = 50 Then
sidemenu.Visible = False
sidemenu.Width = 260
sidemenu.Visible = False
sidemenu.Width = 50
End If
End Sub

Code in C#
private void btn_Menu_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (sidemenu.Width == 50)

//Usando Bunifu Animação
// 1. Expande o Painel
// 2. Mostra a Logo
sidemenu.Visible = false;
sidemenu.Width = 260;

//Usando Bunifu Animação
// 1. Esconde a Logo
// 2. Fecha o Painel, w =50
sidemenu.Visible = false;
sidemenu.Width = 50;


Giovanni Gama says:

May I have the source code of this project?

Rakshith HR says:

which screen recorder is that

Kingsley Ufot says:

Hello Coach…Keep Up with the great work to grow we newbie, could you pls do a video of how to start a software that was protected by a license/product key after the software have been activated by its correct license/product key……..all videos on here only features message boxes none has that feature of code lines on how to start and run the protected software!…..Big THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

Brian Kaveyo says:

can anyone tell name of that background beat

xXGamer GrantXx says:

By the way how can me make it work?

Ahmed Safaa says:

Cool but vary quickly

Wilhelm McCluskey says:

I was looking for this song a lot of time ago. It was a miracle to find it again somewhere on the internet ññ

૯ℓ¡ทђѳ says:

Very Good

Seraphim pepito says:

i need code

Filip Sawoń says:

How do I even start it with python?

Tan Poh Heng says:

This actually reminds me of JS scripting…. Didnt realise it could be used this way

kawan nerway says:

please send me
help plz…

Cesar Mamani says:

Hello, in your video shows bunifu animation tools. But in the 1.5.3 framework does not appear such an element, how can I solve that?

jean paulo cabral says:

Hello all well
Could you help me?
How do you use RGB colors in Visual Studio 2017 properties?
Thank you!

Nour A.elrahman says:

why doesn’t the menu button moves toward left for me?

SUHAIL Paradox says:

please sent source code to

Night Anime says:


Sekryld says:

download it directly from here, Thank me later

Ruturaj Patki says:

Good demo. Could be made better. Next time consider adding comments and removing background music or using a little silent track.

Digaale-Yare Mahamoud says:

please i want animator.dll how i get that file

Christopher Luis Fernando Martinez says:

Animator = BunifuTransition

Emanuel Zhupa says:

How to add more than one transition it only performs only 2 of it!!!! PLS HELP

kingOfpain says:

what about other butons?

Hershel Malvar says:

i dont have a animator in my toolbox.
how can i get that tool?
thank you

jareklotz says:

“modern” mouse programmers….

Ravhi Rizaldi says:

Anyone know how to coding the tabs using that button? I know it has multiple panel inside there and just hide and show them, but it’s hard to design it cause lack of spaces. Please let me know..

Getinet Amare says:

Please help me,when I drag the left panel the bunifuImageButton1icon is unable to follow to left side. so,I cannot show the left side panel after hiding it one times. thank you.

jazniler says:

first music plss..?

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