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Layarion says:

well it’s nice to have these all in one place, and on a video format that supports speed control, and time skip buttons on the keyboard, but this should have never been uploaded without a timestamp index. it’s monstrous in length and needs some written organization for those needing something more than just “all of it”

Layarion says:

ohh boy. 7 hours, “hits play” i hope this teaches me about more than just what a variable is, and what lambda expressions are.

balleO5jabio says:

wow… you are very good at explaining such complexity of c# with such an ease that even a novice will learn a lot… thankyou… u r great

Layarion says:

hmm. the description needs an Index with time stamps.

Androth says:

great informational material there, robat bob.

Sanjog Rai says:

Its not available to play.

shaik mohammed says:

I watched the whole thing. I am a changed man.

Harsh Vardhan says:


A VB6 Programming User says:

Interesting for VB6 programming and VBA programming too.

Snickers says:

omg awesome video i cum veri much yes

mustafa wrya says:

man why i cant find many video that talks about c# for unity cause they dont seem to be the same at least for me. should i still watch this if im using it for c#?

剑神Pavese says:

To say hello world with Python you just have to type:

print (‘Hello, world”)

Why does C# have to be so much more complex?

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