C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners

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Lomax says:

Here’s a tip to help navigate this video! Some keyboard shortcuts for YouTube!!

Shift+> : Speeds the video up
Shift+< : Slows the video down L : Skip forward a few seconds J : Skip backwards a few seconds K : Pause (better than than the space bar!!) up and down arrows to change volume.

Pavol Slamka says:

THANK you so so much for this video

Vinicio Coelho says:

Do anyone know how do I install the Visual Studio on Linux Mint? I have visual studio code but this other one doesn’t seen to have a Linux version available.

Aayan Bashar says:

at around 1:56:00 puts on a program can anyone send it

Ikumoyigha Zikenah says:

Please, zoom to be easily seen the points you are explaining in the c# tutorial

Ashkan pirasteh far says:

cant thank you enough, great content.

charred1 says:


MrGamingPigeon says:

Do I have to have visual studio? Can I not just watch the video without it?

Özgül Ezgin says:

Thank you Bob, I loved it.. Bests

Omkar Upadhye says:


Nathaniel Mike says:

Great course. Thanks for the information; Very useful 🙂

Santo Pino says:

Luckily your are quite clear to listen at 1.5 speed, this reduces the course from 8 to 4 hours 🙂
Thank you.

SinWark says:


john bro says:


Daniel Yohannes says:

I’m in 2:43:20

NeurionG says:

bool subscribed;

if (subscribed == true)
Console.WriteLine(“I Subscribed”);
subscribed = true;

MatchWojo says:

2:35:12 hol up

Iuli Marius says:

2:42:03 you could just write Console.WriteLine(charArray) instead of foreach…. bla bla

md nash says:

where’s the source code link???

David Smith says:

I’m sorry this guy rambles on about things, 8 hours bro… come on.. x2 speed isn’t fast enough.

sticksxx84 says:


Grace - Yueran Yu says:

I‘m using Mac to practice the code… and I can’t finish some codes, like how to build the self library… I even can’t find the selection of “Visual C# “… so, it is little difficult for Mac users.

Andrea Sipkova says:

This is very educational video about C#, very nice!

Easton Morgan says:

So I’ve followed the entire course from A-Z but not in 1 day or even 1 week. It took me maybe a timespan of maybe 2 weeks to finish the entire video. But I had to dedicate several hours per day to make sure I pay attention to everything. I’m glad you were able to put this video together because this is the next best thing to a virtual classroom. I’ve really learned a lot and needed a lot of “refreshing” tutorials even though I’ve been a C# programmer for over 8 years now. Everything is “Self-Taught” but always kinda confusing. Unless you have heard it from someone else via “show and tell” it’s really hard to associate everything into real-life examples. I’ve been programming and learning C# since 2008 and I still have yet to understand absolutely everything. But with each tutorial and samples I can finally “Click” and learn how to use more techniques within my code. Visual Basic .NET was my first primary language then got into C#. C# is very tricky because it’s very vast. Now with this simple tutorial I can use the basics and advance it to the more difficult stuff. Now I can actually go over all of my notes with new eyes and read my code differently.

Thanks Bob.

Ikumoyigha Zikenah says:

Thank you for this video, I like it, but to be VISIBLE, try zoom the points you are explaining.

Hokage Espada says:

This was a good refresher

Kevin DeLaune says:

Thank you for this series! You have an excellent gift for breaking things down. I’m looking to really learn C# in Depth. Looking forward to getting through this course and moving on to more of your courses on your site.

tech with Dawood Ahmed says:

Nice Video sir

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