Coding with C#.NET Part 1: Basic Introduction

This tutorial assumes that you have some background knowledge in programming and that you have Visual Studio 2010 Installed or Visual C# Express Edition Installed.

Get Visual C# Express Here:

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Ricardo Alejandrez says:

is it the same coding with the 2008 version

Killstone Modz says:

How can I make a application on when peple enter things it emails me them?

Kixnare.! says:

@BrandonioProductions Hey can u please continue with ur c# series ? you seem to be the only one that puts things in a simple way and not the nerdy language like some others do ! 🙂

Bryan Wertz says:

to be honest, as a beginner that has just started a few days ago, this is the first video that has explained brackets and how they interact with commands and statement string etc etc..well done, i have now found the correct tutorial line to follow

Sagn says:

Brandon, you’ll never waste my time!

Meerfall the dewott says:

Could I use C# during your java tutorials?
If so, what will I have to keep in mind? (are there any differences?)

Ivan Vinski says:

You could also use NetBeans for easier Java application creation, but I prefer using the code to make Java app.

xDarkwolfx says:

Make more videos on Coding with C#.NET it helps me for when i make a java project but i no its not the same but it dose help a little.

Zuval says:

w w w . microsoft . c o m / visualstudio / en-us / products /2010-editions /visual-csharp-express

Remove Spaces

for Visual C# Express its the same as Visual Basic Express but as the name says its C#

Brandon Ong says:

i think we need to be careful of captitalization when programming in c#

Zuval says:

It sure does FinalEx3cution!

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