MySQL VB.NET Tutorial 1 : Getting Started and Mysql database Connection

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How to connect MySQL using VB.NET?‎


Madhuri Madhu says:

im getting erros when i debbug plz help

Kumar Sanu says:

sir if i make package of my softare and another user start that software, so they need to install mySQL in they machine

Kiro Yuki says:

do you have vs 2013?
can this code be applied ?

Motivation says:

Good tutorial but very slow and the gaps in between are annoying. Thanks though for useful videos.

Hero122999 says:

Thanks.. real help

Design and Develop says:

Very nice. Helped a lot!

Neil says:

Does any one know how to publish the project with the correct prerequisites of mysql? Its my first time using mysql as database by the way.


Adding links to playlist would be helpful?

Design Designs says:


abhishek ghosh says:

Sir please tell me how can i deploy my windows application with mysql workbench database,the setup is working in my computer but it is not working in client machine,it is unable to get sql reference.please help me sir. (i am using visual studio 2015)

Spirnox says:

thank u so much

Graphics Hunger says:

For those of you using VisualStudio 2017. Adding MySql.Data is simple.
Instead of right clicking and going to “Add” ..Select “Manage NuGet Packages…” and from there you will be able to find MySql.Data package.

joseph Laurio says:

how about inserting and retrieving images for MYSQL Database?

Mauricio Perroni says:

Realy Good job, thx for all info .

Jada Developer says:

Very good 🙂

Moumen Abdelillah says:

hi i want to code source project download plz

Regan Lagod says:

can u teach us how to backup and restore database codes using and mysql…thnx

Mauricio Perroni says:

I increment port in mysql connection,

only adding notes.

Very Awesome channel, like u

4 GIVE says:

Why it is needed to make it NEW MYSQLCONNECTION?

mulondo patrick says:

thank you very much my vb app just connected to my WAMP mysql database.
next, how do i insert, delete, and update my data in the tables???

Rusty Gates says:

Very well explained. Your examples all worked well. Are there any good books on this subject?? Please keep up the good work.

Asep Suhup says:

what data type on gender??

Asanga Perera says:

Thank u so much… Good work.

Srijan Raj says:

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error BC30451 ‘MySqlConnection’ is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its protection level. DBprojectF c:userssrijandocumentsvisual studio 2015ProjectsDBprojectFDBprojectFForm1.vb 8 Active
Its showing this error how to solve it

CBM09 says:

An unhandled exception of type ‘System.ArgumentException’ occurred in System.Data.dll

Additional information: Keyword not supported.

can anyone help me in this problem please,,

Jan Sebastian says:

I love you! I downloaded all your VB.Net Tutorial! so i Subscribed you! thanks to you bro 🙂

Kent Gonzales says:

thank you for the tutorials! 🙂

Onkar D says:

what if i use ip of my computer instead of localhost?

Manash Sarma says:

I think that u r using the .NET Connector for MySQL.
Please show how to use ODBC Connector for MySQL with VB.NET
I need it

Ameerul Ashraf says:

I want to create a Pharmacy Database Management System but i dont no how to start. Is this the first step i’ve to make to create the database and Implement that database into VB?

Bibbo Bibbo says:

please help me. 🙁 i have a problem it says “unable to connect to any specified mysql hosts” what can i do?

RAF Jogos PC says:

Thanks, very usable. Solved my connection problem

Amartya Chakraborty says:

please make a video on visual basic and oracle connection

Tanki FibreOptic says:

Couldn’t give enough likes! Very useful and awesome tutorial, really good for learning MySQL!
Thank you!!!

Sir Miles says:

Dude, you saved me a tons of sunlight. Thank you!

Xcalibur s says:

why wont it work ? im using vb 2013 🙁 unable to connect to any specified connection host ;(

buckcho says:

Very good video, man. I did everything and learned so much. Can you tell me what should I do if I get an error “the host pc doesnnt support ssl”? Looking forward to your reply.

FasalPallippuram2000 says:

Hey… anyone please help me,i want to make a project “Auditorium event management system” with using mySQL &visual basic.I don’t know how to start up to my project.(how to give server name,how to connect together,how to connect db etc…) please help me……………….

joachim harksen says:

excellent, thnx


Please can I get a Script Files of the database you used in the tutorials?

Nigel Sean says:

thanks for this tutorials, Don’t worry I wont skip the ads so I can give back something for you

EdmundOkpala says:

4:37 When I right click to add reference, there is no .Net tab that allows me to select “MySQL.Data”

Rinju Vincent says:

if “MySQL.DATA” not available in the list of add reference means, what we have to do !!!!!!! Reply please

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