VB.NET Game Programming Tutorial – Stackable Inventory System – Part 1 (Visual Basic .NET)

In this Visual Basic game programming tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to build a simple backpack screen or inventory system. We’ll begin by creating an item class, backpack class, and player class. Then using the methods we construct, we’ll add some parts to our backpack and create an inventory screen to display and invoke the items, outputting the


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Devin Dwight says:

I’ve been away too long my friend! I can’t wait to dive back in, thank you so much for continuing to share this amazing work! 😀

Serj2 says:

Help me please anybody! How to create an inventory for the game in VISUAL BASIC . NET (the game in the genre of the quest)? So that when you press the PictureBox object – this object was placed in your inventory, and when you right-click on the object in the inventory it can be to move the cursor, and use this object (say the object – key) to the object of the “door” on the form. HELP ME PLEASE. Can anyone help or share source code example?
Sorry for my bad english…

BinNationGroup says:

Aardaerimus, this deverses more views (: You should sell that game it looks absolutely awesome and I’d purchase it, haha

Aardaerimus D'Aritonyss says:

Thank you! That is certainly encouraging. 😀 I wish I had more time available to code, but I have to pay the bills and a full time job consumes a great deal of my time and energy. Maybe one day I’ll be able to escape that need and spend more time on my hobbies. heheh

Aardaerimus D'Aritonyss says:

Hello! 🙂 Do you mean the source code or the tutorials themselves?? I don’t actually have a single collection of all videos. Not a bad idea though.

Aardaerimus D'Aritonyss says:

Hahah I was gonna call it “Medical Herb” but I decided to be 1/2 original and 1/2 silly. 😀

Sheikh Hussain says:

Hi can you demonstrate how to make the “Continue Game” function on your game please.

James Pelster says:

lol the item is called “Heal Weed”

Ezekiel Japheth Ayuba says:

Keep it up man. can i have a link where i can download the whole tutorials???

Aardaerimus D'Aritonyss says:

I wish that was my job! I do a little programming for work, but not much.

There is a lot of strong programming competition globally, so it’s difficult to find work. Of course, if you’re good and driven you could produce your own software and market it. I can just never think of what to make that would be worth some real coin. lol

daniel lin says:

howcome I cannot open .vbproj file with vb2010 express???? it says “this file type is not supported by the installation” pls help!

Naco says:

Woah you’re making a game in VB? I tried that before but it lagged like hell.

sum1sw says:

You’re the only person I know who might be able to help me. I need to create a drag and drop type program. Kind of like Visio. I need to drop shapes (user controls?) from a panel or a form (which ever works) onto another form or a panel, which ever works.

I will be dropping various shapes representing thing like compressors, pumps, heat exchangers, etc. They must be movable and double clickable so that the user can enter data specific to the operation.

I am not asking you to write it for me, but can you give me tips on where to look? I have no idea where to start. I am unable to google this because I do not even know the right terminology.

Can you help me?

Jamz k says:

u intro reminds me of kickboxer the movie for some reason

polvogames says:


noobTechie says:


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