VB.NET – How To Create Login Form With SQL Database Using Visual Basic .Net [with source code]

VB Net Login Form With Database

Source Code: http://1bestcsharp.blogspot.com/2016/09/vb.net-login-form.html

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In This VB.NET Tutorial We Will See How To Make Login Window With Microsoft SQL DataBase And Visual Basic .NET Programming Language.

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初墨 says:


xJayTripple says:

Can u do retrieve plzz like when you want to make names generator and you click generate and it shows up in the text box?

DrivE says:

Type ‘VBNET_SQLInsert_Update_Delete’ is not defined. Can someone help me?

Felix Philip Almendral says:

fist i input the invalid username then second input another wrong username and error comes out. saying “@username already decclared” help me please

Pritesh Kothiya says:

This Video Is Very Helpfull For Create Login From Thanks …….

Panhavisal Tong says:

It is not secure while it’s code can be viewed 🙂

sandeep reddy says:

hi am sandeep
i want to know how to make finance software with VB.NET
make a video on this
the above link has that software video

Napoleon Boyles says:

You sir really save my life.. thanks a lot !! looking forward to your posts..

Syllvana123 says:

what if every account have a different accountPIN inside the database and i want to see if the logged in account is for the admin? how can i save the value to a variable so i can compare it?

joshua jetomo says:

adapter.fill (table) was unhandled. When I removed , it runs but always Showing Usename or Password Are invalid even I input the right one based obn my Sql server. Can you Help me Sir? By the way this is for Soft Eng. Thanks

Eric Bäääm says:

can I use this source code for Mysql?

AL_3NoOoD AL_HZA3 says:

thank you so mach

Jessa Catacutan says:

I’m getting an error to adapter.Fill(table). Please help me. Please.

Ken Balderas says:

adapter.Fill(table)-SQLException was unhandled
Can you help me to fix this?

yunus olaide says:

this really help me.

saurabh singh says:

I’m getting error on


SQLException was unhandled

can anyone please help me???

Muhamad Nabil says:

wtf bro!!
i’m still beginner, how can i know how to create database if you’re didnt show me how..

khalid abdeddaim says:

eres el mejor muchas gracias

Kaycee Simbulan says:

I got an error adapter.fill(table) need help

Broax Conde says:

hey bro, did you try already logging in without typing the username and password?..

RoLz/رولز says:


Rizki Indra says:

Sangat Membantu

Thami Jamella says:

What’s up with mandatory VB.NET tutorials being on mute??? Like, we’re a banished language when it comes to sound! 🙁

Sonia Aly says:

I am getting error on

How to solve it?

Nikhil Singnapure says:

Prob: adapter.Fill(table)

Soln:- Just go to your database table, drop old table or delete it and create new with entities with nvarchar to varchar(MAX) it will fix this error.Cheers!

World English says:

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException at adapter.Fill(table)

Jose Maria Agudo Machuca says:

Error adapter.Fill(table)…
thank you for the tutorial but can you explain this?

rusel dublin says:

the if statement got the wrong entry,,and the else statement got the correct entry… how about the vice versa

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