VB.NET MS Access Database Tutorial 1 # How to Connect Access Database to VB.Net

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Shipp Joseph says:

Quality vid, keep up the good content, watched this one with my kids!

jonathan paniza says:

thank you It helps me a lot for thesis

iqbal shaikj says:

If I have datatype text with Lookup values in my database table and I want the combobox on my form , how I can do that ?
I tried to change the control type in datasource of that column of the table and dragged on to form. When I run it doesn’t shows the values, it just shows the blank combobox.

Ahamadh Saadhiq says:

WoW! It was Awesome. Thank u very much. Please add more videos on VB2010

Divesh Patel says:

your the boss man >>>>> Awesomeness

Vishal Dave says:

sir i need to multiple data from checklistbox checked items insert to sql database in multiple row please give some way.

Othmane Aboujaafar says:


Dhavin Weddy says:

Hello, I need help…Does someone know how to change one of the dragged textboxes to a combo box while it still being connected to the database ?

Louiezky Itzuka says:

Important: Use Microsoft Office 2007 for Stable Database connection.

reena prajapat says:

Thank you sir

Stennett Mullings says:

Can you show me how to login to another screen from the database you created?
if not whats the code?

Supritha Mahesh says:

I have a problem wen I connect d access database with extension .accdb ( cuz I’m using office 2016) it is saying unrecognised database format I even changed d extension to .mdb still it isn’t working pls help

Sourav Samanta says:


Philip Stansberry says:

It would have been nice if you said the Microsoft Access Database Needed to be 2003

hermie cruz says:

How to put the information in the registration form in a database? please help me I don’t what to do?

Crafters AZ says:

TY bro! soo much! it is best tutorial!!! congrats!

Subin M S says:


Teboho Mailula says:

The explanations are a bit redundant

Paavan Gupta says:

Sir, whenever i am connecting my ms access database to my VB program then my computer gets hanged,
what to do now

Mustafa Altaie says:

Everything is fine but when I want to save it, It can’t be saved? do you have a solution ?

Emjey Ureta says:

Good video! but i ask question why when i save data from the vb then i open it the data is loss ? how can i solution it thanks !for the answer ..

mega noob says:

You have very good English. Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial, my friend.

Muhammad Atif says:

thanks great help for us

Aniket Goswami says:

data is lost when ever project is closed

Mzzie Dha says:

Why if i click the + button, the number is -2? instead of 3

Xcalibur s says:

will it update the database if i publish it ?

BAINZ says:

dude, youre awesome. subbed

Pete's Creative Recycling says:

I spent the last hour and a half coding to make this work and finally I was like “screw this, lets see what youtube has”
I went straight to this channel and found what I was looking for. Link – select – drag – drop – done. THANK YOU!

Saumitra Topinkatti says:

I am too getting an Exception and the Table is not showing its contents up. Please help!!!!

Nuhella says:

Was soooo useful , thx alot

Bayabas Channel says:

Please I really need your help!, =(. My problem are when i debug it and saved, nothing gonna saved in my debug database and when i rerun the program nothings saved even i saved data. please reply!. I need you help! i am doing Thesis

Jeeron says:

this database can be put on payroll?

Bình Phạm Thanh says:

Your video tutorials are great, thank you very much. When I added Database I made the following error:
Dynamic sql generation for the updateCommand is not supported against a select command that does not return any key column information.
Please help me!

Amit Kumar says:

Not good for students. Students can not learn how to code using this automated drag drop methods.

Sandeep Kumar says:

how to admin password on access database file????

Othman Aljameel says:

When i run the application and insert a new record it temporary, when i exit, it doesn’t save it in the db?

Thunder Bird says:

I am using Visual Studio Community 2015. I can’t see the navigation bar above on the Form1.

jadl00 says:

I want to thank you a lot cause I was trying to learn this topics in spanish but i could not find any tutorial such as good like this one. Congratulations, you explain made it very clear to understand.

lance bocek says:

hey men where can i get a Microsoft Access.. got any links?

Vasto Lorde says:

I was taught to change the format of the database and then link it to visual basic, not just link it directly, because it won’t even find the database without changing the format, why don’t you have to?

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