VB.NET Tutorial 53 – MultiThreading (Visual Basic 2008/2010)

In this tutorial, we cover the concept of MultiThreading. Multi Threading allows an application to run different bits of code at the same time without causing your User Interface to become unresponsive. This tutorial will hopefully explain the concept of multithreading to you and we will continue with delegates in the next tutorial.

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Sarthak Sharma says:

Can I use Multi Threading to DDoS Websites also?

peter schiller says:

Since VStudio 2012 it is possible to use Async with Await task.delay(xxx). It’s much more easy to use. You can run as much threads as you want.

Async Sub xxx()
do until i >1000
I +=1
await task.delay(100)

Nathanael Crapo says:

I like this tutorial upto the part where you used the cross threading. i found a way around that without doing the delegate thing and it was simple enough for me to learn all on my own.

Fly Rose says:

thank’s men for this tutorial

PlayThroughForYou says:

It would send many errors later on, all its doing is saying even if the application finds an error it would keep going, this is a bad thing. you want to invoke your threads rather than not checking for errors. look up invoking tutorials for real multi-threading. This is just the slum way of doing things and is really bad.

3mmakGaMrAH says:

actually, setting ‘CheckForIllegalCrossThreadCalls’ to false is important if your using multi-threading for security-purposes

Harish Ramasamy says:

Thank you for video tutorial. After starting the thread you haven’t mentioned anything about the thread abort or closing of thread. Hope it’s necessary to abort the thread while closing the form. But Great work dude! Well done !

DavidGoldštajn says:


Nathanael Crapo says:

or use an Enum as a status keeper and use a timer specific to managing those other threads from the main thread which want to access controls on the main thread.

rayags says:

some tutorial where delegates use????? help me XD

Grayman says:

thank you 🙂

DM says:

I have just add an updater in my application with the help of your Video: VB.NET Tutorial 40;
and so When I checked for update and then when I click anywhere on the form then the Form does not respond. (My internet connection is too slow, so that I causes the Problem While Checking for update too…)
So please Help me

Untitled Name says:

Great way to explain, thx

ThePassingVoid says:

You can also use “i += 1” to increment i by 1in the loop.

Colonel Baby says:

Very nice, when googling this I just end up with something that has 29347692837492837492834 lines of code just to show one small example -.-

This was very nice and simple, thanks.

3mmakGaMrAH says:

make a separate thread for each sub and try to break everything into subs so every action can have its space.
for example :
private sub compress1
choose file

end subprivate sub compress2
read file
end sub

private sub compress3
write to file
end sub

private sub compress4
end sub
then make a thread for each sub

50 Hz says:

That was very good.. 

stansarproductionz says:

this scouser is great, explains complicated concepts with ease. keep it up!!!

Henry Jpr says:

Thanks MUCH! It’s a shame you didn’t do the “Threading Using Delegate” tutorial. There are other tutorials on the subject, but I’m having trouble when a thread, from a module, attempts to update a control on a form in the UI Thread. I see nothing on that.

Amin Be says:

i have made cool example about multi-threading that will help you guys understand get here adf.ly /V3pou

owlglazing says:

Where is the Delegate post? My app is really big and multithreading doesn’t work.

Ghost.MajoRX says:

Tnx bro now im fixed my chat application auto refreshing… thank you a lot 😉

Alfred cancio says:

i just wanted to know if is it possible that an array of multithreading?

Prakash Dhimmer says:

Masssive thank u for crosscheck solution.

IMSSEvolution says:

Add to form load
Control.CheckForIllegalCrossThreadCalls = False

Nene Nartey says:

Thanks. very helpful

Dane Davis says:

great video, thanks!

misaik says:

u can use delegate too for mor security

Takondwa Makawa says:

PlayThroughForYou why shouldnt we use that checkforillegalcrossthreadcalls = false…what could end up happening?

K S says:

Very good example! very usable for high frequency transactions, reports, etc

R Parijs says:

Thank you very mucch for your explanation, very clears, now I undestand crossthreading

pranays94 says:

You are from Liverpool,arent you? 😛

Spanxxxx says:

I appreciate your videos. Thanks for your work.

Anthony Turner says:

Agreed. Using this approach seems bad practice and it’s a lazy programmers approach.

geiler elias radillo sarmiento says:

and if to run two forms at once as I could do this using threads

엠에스티시스템 says:


Phil Morris says:

Thank you for simplifying this concept! My UIs are always frozen and my progress bars are always ghetto (i += 1 and refresh, etc.) Now I’m gonna learn about delegates and get professional up in here… Um, where’s the next tutorial with the delegates? … TeachMeComputer! My career is in your hands! What are delegates and how do I use them?! 🙁

Jon Morris says:

doesnt work on wpf

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