VB.NET Tutorial 55 – Modules (Visual Basic 2008/2010)

In this tutorial, we cover how to create a module, store information inside a module and then access that information in your application. A module can be used to store functions, subs or even variables to sort out your code so that you can access things more easily. If you have a sophisticated application where you have to store a lot of functions, subs or variables then it would be useful to sort them into different categories using modules. A module is differen t to a class because all of the members of a module are shared and a module does not have a consutrctor, meaning you can not create an instance of a module.

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JigsawCrisis says:

You need a pop filter

CyberCoreGaming2013 says:

that’s how you learned not OP.

Norway174 says:

Hey, I have a small request. Maybe you could make a Server and Client application?
I have been trying to make one for weeks now without success.

Thanks allot, and keep up the good work! =D

Welovetogether dsd says:


Mark Sunga says:

do your have the complete tutorial to be download at once?
i want to download all of your tutorial video..thanks

Coder13 says:

@LazarRedDevil95, i know i can just get a book but to me videos are easier to learn from. plus i don’t really know what is out there to learn.

Nil Nil says:

Nice accent

Hunter Wright says:

Thank you very much for this tutorial, I am no longer scratching my head on how to use one function on multiple forms.

Medardo Toledo says:

Excellent Tutorial Thank You.

Ephraim Torres says:

very helpful tnx dude

Guna Sekaran says:

Hey criss thanks for the videos u created. I started learning VB. Because of you now i created a video please check it out, and tell me how it is Master.

CheckYaSkillz says:

Hey, I just want to say thanks. Your tutorials helped alot. I should’ve thanked you a long time ago. LOL! I been coding now for awhile. But, I started by watching your tutorials and learning from you. Now, I’m pretty much pro.

Anyways, thanks again. Take care.

adarsha ks says:

nice tutorial…keep going plz do make on how to call functions inside dll files…

Gunndeos says:

Thanks man this was so helpful, i have a computer science test tomorrow and i have a better understanding of how modules works now =)

Barry Hughes says:

Great tutorials wish I had found this site before.

Ma' fuka says:

😀 Your Back 😀

pivitman101 says:

your amazing at vb!

Foo Basic says:

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bleedingangl2 says:

Earned a sub, cheers dude

tawanda zimhamba says:

these are very helpful

karimalmasry1 says:

thank you so much but i want to know if there is a name of a book that can teach me the codes because i know every thing in vb exepte the codes and thank you so much

Mohamed Arafath says:

thanks .. very helpufll..Keep it up.. WAnt sql tutorial…

LazarRedDevil95 says:

Hey mate! Nice tutorial again…:)
Can you please tell me where did you learn VB? cause you know so much about it…

sevdam ham says:

Wow j’ai tout compris, c’est normal o_O
sérieusement MERCI c’est du beau travail
bonne continuation

Coder13 says:

hey, can you do something complicated? i am working on tying to master(or get close to mastering) visual basic and i want to know more
thank you.

LazarRedDevil95 says:

@codecvr12 uuumm you can buy a book. I know some books about VB are not the best , but try that. lol

candlumland2010 says:

hi. the tutorial are very useful. Thanks. Is this your last tutorial?

MasterPebsie says:

@karimalmasry1 The codes? The code IS visual basic…

tophchadzky says:

hi, please send me a sample program that would load the modules first like in VB6…

I would like to Load first Modules like in VB6

Sub Main()

if form1.boolAccessStatus = True then
end if

end sub

My problem is the in Vb2008 only the form Loads first is there a way to load first Modules? kindly reply to richardespiri2@yahoo.com

Martin UberTuber says:

Thank you very much for your lessons, they are some of the best on YT.

Tom G says:

Thanks 🙂 your videos are very helpful

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