VB.NET Tutorial For Beginners – Creating Classes (Visual Basic Programming)

In this beginner Visual Basic .NET programming tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to create and implement class objects.

Tutorial Features:
VB.NET Classes
GDI+ Drawing

TIP JAR: http://www.aardaerimus.com/tipjar.asp


carlos gomez says:

Very nice but my photo do not charge for what reason can be

Derk Rientjes says:

Nice Tutorial 
Tnx for the clear explanation!

Johnny Tsunami says:

this shit is so boring

Butch Nash says:

Very good Tutorials. You have a unique talent for being able to speak very clearly while you are working not many people have this ability. Thank you very much.

Marcus Penny says:

+VB Toolbox I have a big question. Is it possible to access the accelerometer and get data from it using vb.net on a windows 10 tablet?  Ive been looking around the net for this I haven t found any solid examples that us VB.Net. any help you have would be nice

Family Thrift says:

A general question: my problem with moving to .Net is the plethora of properties and namespaces. Where did you learn what to use in each case? BTW, your tutorials are excellent and I plan to watch many and learn from you. Thank you.

Francisco Fuentes says:

Great! Really pretty! I come from C# that I learned in the Uni and this one looks better than I thought.

Genesis Bernaldez says:

what a long code for that simple form

William Plessinger says:

Awesome Video!!! Thank you for the time spent to teach us. One question. I have followed your video three times(repetition is fundamental) but am unable to get a image to load during the play of program. I am using Visual Studio 2013. During your video you added OFDPhoto and your version of VS added OFDPhoto_FileOk automatically, Mine did not… I had to add it manually. That seems to be the only difference between what I did and what you did in your video.

Socrates Binos says:

thanks man

Tom Maurer says:

I am really enjoying learning from your series. I have completed one project and working on my second. At this point I have already experienced the need for moving code and or forms from one project to another. What a mess I have created! There must be a way within the IDE for doing this. Would it be possible for you to demonstrate the best way to do this?

Jeancarlos Meyer Fontalvo Mejia says:

Nice tutorial. But I scared with the photo! >.<

NewVidDotCo says:

Nice tutorial! Keep em coming! 😉

MrRoxMCArthur says:

Thank you very much! I hope it’ll help to pass the test at my job interview today! It’s a great introduction for someone who already has got experience in other Languages like Java…. But it’s also great for beginners 🙂

Just.me says:

i’ve just finished watching the video and practicing. it works fine.i would like to thank you very much for sharing knowledge. you have been very precise.

Tigris Habeeb says:

It is really Fantastic video,i appreciate  for your helpful tutorial!!….many thanks

Camillus Blockx says:

Do you have any books or written tutorials to? I would like to find a book or books that explains the aspect off classes, constructors, fields, etc etc. I find it still very confusing. It is that you write 3 pages of code and nothing happens when you compile. Maybe I’m getting to old but I do not see the easy or simple way in doing things this way…LOL

Any way, I do wanted to ask you if it would be possible to help me and maybe many others, to make a tutorial to make the minimum solution for a cardgame. I think of a class card ( all cards + 1 joker  suit, value, image), class deck ( list of cards(cards), shuffle, combine more then one deck), class hand( number cards in hand, sort per suit, value,) class Forms ( form per player if over tcpip, client/server array ( content = cards in hands of layers, and on table ) transport from server to client( 1-4) = 4 player max.

This would be a start for the most games, would you be interested to guide a group of people to develop this?


K4MR4N1UK123 says:

Hi I just saw your video but it’s confusing to me. Actually I am new to VB.net but traditionally VB used to be very different. It wasn’t object oriented to begin with and would it not be easier if we drew picture and text area on the form when we begin creating the application?

Kevin Muggeridge says:

Very nicely done!! I’ve always found working with Graphics to be a challenge and you make it seem so easy. I’m trying to find tutorials that demonstrate how to use Inheritance, Polymorphism, Shared Subs, Friend Subs, Overloading and Properties for Base and Derived Classes. Where can I get something like this?? Great Post man!

wordbuzz says:

Le serveur distant a retourné une erreur : (429) Bandwidth Error.

AR Jamal says:

Nice video but I have small problem, unable to get a image to load during the play of program in vb.net 2015

Maher Altalla says:

its great houner to follwo your videos i get many benefts
thank you
i hope you can solve this
i want to export excel to dataveiwgrid that save in the second row of grid sience the first row for the headers came from table from database

ProFee Xperts says:

You are a very good teacher – thank you very much for this, much appreciated. Am I right to think per your comments in the last couple of minutes, that I could pull my data from an SQL db or similar? Martin

Abhinay Ganu says:

Thanking you I tried to vb programming

Dinupa Sahan says:

can you show me how to select records from table in sql server and show that record in a text box when load the form.
I have created a payroll system. in that system i want to allow users to see their own data with their employee ID. but i dont know how to select data and show them in a textbox. please help me. than you.

Raúl Pinedo says:

Awesome, thanks

Devin Dwight says:

Thank you so much for taking the time to make this new channel, these are very informative and helpful!

Devin Dwight says:

I see many similarities between these tutorials and your XNA tutorials 🙂

Masoud Qasem says:

Hi, Thank you very much for all your efforts, i have a problem, the image don’t even if do any thing, even if i remove the open dialoge filter, thanks again

VRV Gadgets says:

Hello…. How can I create ActiveX Control in visual Studio 2015 using vb. Net.
That activex control I want to use in my SCADA project or in excel.
I want .ocx or .dll file in output.
So that I can register it and use it anywhere.
Please help.

G2 Alex says:


Meriem مريم says:

thanks for your efforts for giving us the learned videos and i like it.
can you help me Sir to build a software for decoding video like DIVX interface ;
thanks in advance.

John Noonan says:

Excellent tutorial. Well explained!

Dwayne Coolguy says:

Awesome video! I Can’t help but think though, that if Bob Ross was a programmer, the joy of programming would sound kinda like this.

Camillus Blockx says:

I know that for the rules and games control it would be impossible to make a general template, but cards, decks ( with option to add joker(s) ), playerHands, shuffling, add cards to hand, retract card from hand and add it to waste pile, take card from stack and add it to hand, are the minimum that IMHO all card games need. What tcp/ip concerns, is it possible to make a function that simple send an array filled with all the cards in the game( grouped in List Of(card) ) to all the clients. It would be the clients responsibility to arrange the cards accordingly, it would be 53 * deck cards to send. Also the clients need to send or the changes in card position after there turn is done. The only thing I have trouble with is how to make sure that each client and the server has really the same cards. Hope this make any sence…lol. If I see that in the micro controller world of tcp/ip they send simple messages to each other and that works simple, so why can’t it be simple in a more advanced system.  

Thanks for your swift answer, and i will keep watching your tutorials over and over. Maybe when I’m 85 I will get it…LOL. In the mean time I try to get my card game together with the help of your tutorials end some code snippets that I borrow from the net ad tweaked to my liking. I just wish I had more understanding in what I am doing exactly… LoL  

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