VB.NET Tutorial For Beginners – Simple Picture / Image Viewer (Visual Basic .NET)

In this beginner Visual Basic .NET tutorial I’ll show you how to create a collection of pictures and cycle through your array with buttons on a MenuStrip. We’ll create a simple Class to manage our images, and generate a List collection. When we’re done we’ll be able to Add images, remove them from the collection, and tag each image with a caption.

NOTE: I failed to capture mouse input in the video recording. Hopefully, the commentary will be detailed enough to still follow along. 🙁

TIP JAR: http://www.aardaerimus.com/tipjar.asp


Carlos Alberto Araujo says:

I have a problem here, VB ToolBox… I have NO “doubleclick” in my disposable features.
Also… HOW could we add a textbox, saying: “x days ago” (meaning… the picture has x days of being taken) ?
Finishing… can we have a permanent LIST from the pictures we like more (without having to constantly Load and Reload them, again) ?
I tried to embbed movies in your application, but… some don’t “stretch” to fill the OFD screen.  Others… do !  WHY is that ?
Thank you again, and again.
We feel we are at a University (kind of… listening to the VB “Carl Sagan”). Yeah !
IF you get time enough, I’ll appreciate your answer !
Anyway… just in case… HAVE a HAPPY CHRISTMAS !

Carlos Alberto Araujo says:

Andrews, a favor please !
Studying your Project… I tried something different… a new feature there.
I mean… having a list box that stores the “OpenFileDialog.FileName” and another to store “OpenFileDialog.SafeFileName”, just to SAVE the “listbox.Items” into a textFile.
That way we can have a fileList with the Saved items (FileName and SafeFileName).
– I can’t find a way to say >  
… WHEN I click any Item from Listbox that I created (SafeFileName) the event (Listbox1.SelectedIndex Changed…) can’t SHOW the photo FROM your ImageList(CurrentIndex).
Is there a way to add that feature ?
Thank you, and have a Happy Christmas.

Joe Reynolds says:

Hey, I know you probably don’t do requests but is there any chance you could cover drag and drop?

dranol nahaynes says:

ahm theres an issue trying that picture viewer when im typing this
Private Sub ShowImage()
‘ Display Image At File Path
PictureBox1.Image = Image.FromFile(Imagelist(CurrentIndex).FromFile(filepath)

Catch ex As Exception

End Try
End Sub
i cant access the filepath variable
and im using Visual basic 2010 Express

Joseph Croft says:

Really helped take my program to the next level. Thank you!

Devin Dwight says:

Very nicely done, thank you VB Toolbox!  Would something like this be applicable to audio files to make a media player?  Or would that be a whole other beast?

Carlos Alberto Araujo says:

Absolutely… brilliant.
Of course this is not a question… but… is there anything you can’t do ?
You can make people become excited with Visual Studio, indeed.
I use Excel to control my finances (Banks, home Expenses, Personal schedules…), but now, I want to create an application to replace Excel.
That will be SOMETHING (for one who is an absolute newbie here…) !
And probably… I won’t go far…
Anyway, your perfection incites us to be better.
Thank you.

Technopanda2015 Gaming says:

Thanks this really helped, subbed

Blackjack says:

Hey there. I just stumbled upon your videos and there pretty good. I was hoping you could help me out with something (This isnt related to this video):

I’ve been trying to make a program in Visual Basic 2010 that will copy the text off of a webpage and then display it on a Label or in a Textbox.

I’ve been wanting to learn how to do this for a long time and I’ve searched for tutorials on how to do it but I cant find any on how to.

I was hoping you could help me on this.

If not, no worries.

Keep up the good work.

edward esmalin says:

sir can you  make a  tutorial  about how to save  image in sql server please…. god bless sir..

jonathan kervin says:

This tutorial is awesome!

Darkyin says:

Yay, another video 🙂 Keep up the good work!

Michael Sichico says:

sir, can you also make a tutorial for a system that can insert, update, delete, and find the picture of that particular user? using sql server

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