VB.NET Tutorial For Beginners – Strings & Basic String Manipulation (Visual Basic .NET)

In this beginner Visual Basic .NET programming tutorial, I’ll be teaching you the basics of Strings, how to change string case, how to use Find and Replace, and how to create and split delimited string text.

Tutorial Features:
VB.NET Strings
Copying string text between form objects
String.Contains – Finding a value within a String
String.Replace – Replace a value within a String
String.Split – Breaking strings with a delimiter
String concatenation
LCase() – Convert Strings to Lower Case
UCase() – Convert String to Upper Case
VB.NET Form Controls – TextBox, Radio Buttons, Command Buttons, Labels

TIP JAR: http://www.aardaerimus.com/tipjar.asp


NewVidDotCo says:

Awesome tutorials! Thanks!!

AR Jamal says:

Awesome tutorials!, I look for more useful tutorials, Thanks!!


the video just got blurred lol

Larry Oeurn says:

your video is awesome. i was wondering how would you take a string of characters and then concatenate each character to an output. example: if i entered “john” in a textfield, then how would i output it to “j-o-h-n”.. so after each character there will be a dash.. hopefully that make sense. 

Rob G says:

Great video tutorial. Do you have anything on insert string method? I am trying to insert a string at the beginning of each line of text in a Richtextbox. Actually, what I want to do is insert a timestamp in front of each line of text in a Richtextbox. Can you lead me in the right direction to do this? I know how to do the date and time functions…I just need to know how i can insert it in front of each line in richtextbox. Thanks in advance. 🙂

Freestyle says:

Thanks for the video, how would I take chunks out of a piece of text? For example I have a string = “Hello my name is Johnathon and I like to say “Hey guys!” very loudly!”
How would I take the Hey Guys! out of that string?

Bhattarai Manish says:

thanks very much for your tutorial,i just need the help for transferring only the fixed strings or content from one text box to another for eg-i need to transfer only JOHN from the text NAME=JOHN can you help i would really appreciate

buddyroach says:

how do you Find Next?

Tamal Banerjee says:

How do I replace strings in all say *.txt files in a user given path?

Linn Jauregu says:

Thanks for all! your tutorials are awesome.

Devin Dwight says:

You make something so simple such as strings seem so fun to play with in VB!!

Jay-ar Bautista says:

hey please make a tutorial that the first letter will convert to uppercase please

Devin Dwight says:

This inspires me to make an instructional VB form that I can use to reference and to pass along to other growing programmers 😀

Tracey Rowsell says:

Hi, how do you do a word count of only unique words, e.g. it only counts the word ‘the’ once in any sentence

Intan Putri says:

Hey please help me. I was learn vb.net about String manipulation like this.
example : Input = Youtube, output = You2tbe. or others
Input = Visual Basic, Output = Visua2l Bsic.

Please give me the code.. thanks

Brian Brewster says:

One of the best tutorials I ever watched!  The narrator had a pleasant voice and seemed most knowledgeable on the subject matter.  However; I was looking for single character search by nth placement in a string.

FixRewindez says:

+VB Toolbox can u help me I want to have like a text thing in it and then text boxes one says name and the other says code and in name u type something then in the code u type a code and then theres a button that’s says save and then u click it, it changes the original text and adds to a certain part of the text the name is and the code it

Nestor Cosio says:

Creat video regards

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